IOS 15 Issues even after updating to App Version 8.4.6

Hi fellow addicts

I know some of you still can’t play, and I’ve had another update on this from support and they’ve told me they hope to resolve this issue with an update to be released this week, they are hoping it will be out by Friday at the latest.

8 responses to “IOS 15 Issues even after updating to App Version 8.4.6

  1. my game is working fine, so holding off the new update until it forces me,.


  2. I still am not getting the latest timeline. No goals, no anything. I can keep collecting knives but not sure the point. Very briefly I saw a box about “phase 2” but it was blank. I have the latest iOS and all my apps are updated.


  3. Hello.
    My game won’t load on Android.
    Pass the event to the support to see what there is.


  4. Thank you for the update. I need to check what iOS I have but it’s always crashing. The music will stop playing then after a bit it crashes. It’s frustrating because I know there’s plenty of memory on the device. Good to know it’s a known issue and they’re working on it. Thank you for all your hard work Russian Tigger 🙂


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