Christmas Costumes Event Main Questline: Last Christmas

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s go on our travels through the latest event.
Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline. 

Pt. 1

Crazed Shopper Can Now Dodge Last Minute Presents 
Collect 1 Broken Present 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 2

Learn About Santa Death 
Collect 1 Holy Christmas Ornament 

Have Snowman Peter Get Locked In A Greenhouse 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 3

Have Herbert Cut Down A Christmas Tree
Place Deaths Sleigh
Collect 10 Flame Throwers 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 4

Defeat The 5Th Level Of The Snowman
Place Santa’s Photo Booth  
Fight Santa Death Once 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 5

Collect 450 Snowballs
Place The Christmas Dog House

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 6

Have Santa Death Clean His Sleigh (10hrs)
Collect 5 Broken Presents 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 7

Have 500 Snowballs 
Have Snowman Peter Eat His Carrot Nose (1hr)
Place Knockoff Fireworks  

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along this phase of the event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.


14 responses to “Christmas Costumes Event Main Questline: Last Christmas

  1. Cherry Bakewell

    I just spent 56 clams to unlock Santa Death as I think that’s as close as I’m able to get with the unreasonable drop requirements.

    Earned 35 clams back for completing the set plus 10 clams for this questline, so it’s not too bad on balance.

    Part 7 has this task:
    Peter Eat His Carrot Nose (1 hour)


  2. I only *just* got enough ornaments to fully defeat Death Santa, and I had both Whimsical Villager Tricia and Reindeer Jeffrey going the whole time. “Have Santa Death Clean His Sleigh” is a 10 hour task (!!) so I will have 23 minutes to spare before the event ends. It seems unfair for those that didn’t buy the Season Pass.


  3. I contacted Tiny co as well about this they are looking into it and gave me 3 free ornaments…big deal…even buying the the ornament thing it’s a 1 time a day drop and unless it drops like 10 at a time there is no way you will get the 27 hats needed and why am I still getting useless things like gifts and mistletoe that are of no use and reindeer jeffry is an uncommon drop


  4. Part 5
    Place the christmas dog house


  5. Part 3
    Have Herbert cut down a christmas tree.
    Flamethrower 2/10


  6. I contacted Support regarding the Holy Christmas Ornaments. Using Reindeer JEffrey, the only free character available at themoment, won’t be enough to gett all the ornaments needed to complete the quest. And using the new character of Death to get them is ridulous, since we need the ornaments to get hiim in the first place. Ifwe could use him for the ornaments, we wouldn’t need to get the ornaments for the hats since we would have already unlocked him. (I hope I explained that clearly).


  7. @ Part 2


  8. Already anticipating problems getting the decorations to defeat the Death Boss with only one character with an “uncommon” chance of dropping them every six hours.


  9. It looks like Santa Death is going to be very difficult with only Reindeer Jeffery character dropping Holy Christmas Ornaments.

    Is there any idea of how many ornaments are going to be required to complete level 5?


    • Based on past events, it will take a total of 26 ornaments., of which the last 25 need to be used in one turn.

      Won’t be possible as currently set up.


      • You don’t need to fight Death Santa more than once during the questline. So just wait at the stage you have to fight him to defeat him fully. After that the rest of the questline should go fast. That way you only need 25 and not 26.


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