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Time Travel Madness Overview – Questions & Answers!!!

Hey there Character Collectors!

Just thought I’d put together a little overview of Time Travel Madness to  answer the questions I’m seeing in the comments, and a few I’ve not seen yet but I know will come. So take a peek below to see if I’ve managed answer all your queries, and if there’s anything else you’re wondering just ask me about it in the comments. I’d also be grateful if any players with the beta testing share their feedback in the comments.

Remember this information is based on the beta testing, so the final feature may differ and I’ll cover it once launched for all players.
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Ghost Of Christmas Future Carter Glitch

There was a glitch which saw players who purchased this bundle not getting the returning character, Ghost Of Christmas Future Carter. This has now been fixed, but if you bought the bundle and he’s still not in your game please contact support.