Time Travel Madness Overview – Questions & Answers!!!

Hey there Character Collectors!

Just thought I’d put together a little overview of Time Travel Madness to  answer the questions I’m seeing in the comments, and a few I’ve not seen yet but I know will come. So take a peek below to see if I’ve managed answer all your queries, and if there’s anything else you’re wondering just ask me about it in the comments. I’d also be grateful if any players with the beta testing share their feedback in the comments.

Remember this information is based on the beta testing, so the final feature may differ and I’ll cover it once launched for all players.

How will I know if I’m in the beta testing group?

You’ll see the message below if you’re included in the beta testing.

But even if you’ve not got the feature, this will give you an early look at what might be, and you  can also see what other players who have played the beta testing feature think of it in the comments in this post and by clicking HERE and HERE.

What is Time Travel Madness?

This is a new feature that contains lots and lots of things you don’t want, (game coins, XP) but a few you do, (event materials, returning characters/costumes and more importantly some new and exclusive characters such as Hedgehog Stewie, Storm Chasing Joyce Kinney).

As you can see it’s timed, usually running for 7 days alongside a Mini event.

I’m going to be honest this is probably going to be much more premium than freemium, so be prepared to use clams if you want reach the top level reward.

Basically players can earn rewards through Stewie’s Time Machine. You use Uranium to travel through time and collect rewards. The more you travel, the better the rewards will be, but you’ll need luck, clams or both not to lose them to a time paradox!

How Do I get Stewie’s Time Machine?

The Time Machine can be purchased at the store for 12000 coins! After it’s  placed it just acts like an ordinary building with rent paid every 24 hours.

Accessing the Time Machine feature will instead be via the Icon that will appear when the feature is live in your game. It looks like this.

Tap on the Icon to open the Time Machine screen.

Time Machine Screen 

Above is what you’ll see.

At the left you’ll see the rewards you’ve collected, you need to reach 50 to get the top prize, which is a new and exclusive character.

On the bottom right you’ll see how much Uranium you have.

Rewards – Tap this to see all the potential rewards.

Start A Time Jump – obviously this sends you on your time jump.

At the very top left you’ll see the new, exclusive character you can win by making 50 successful time jumps in a row.  For this beta test it is Storm Chaser Joyce Kinney.

Tapping “i” will bring you up the information box, you can see this below.

How do I get Uranium?

Each player will start with 5 free Uranium. You’ll then send characters on tasks to earn more or buy it for $$$.

The characters that drop it have changed with each test, but at this time it appears to be: Joe, Global Warming Ollie, Ark Builder Tom Tucker

How Do I Earn A Reward?

Basically you’ll use 1 Uranium to do a Time Jump.

Just hit “Start A Time Jump”. You’ll then see a new screen in which you choose a portal to visit.

Once you’ve chose a portal you will wait for the task to complete, at this point you’ll either get an instant complete or a 2 hour wait for the task to complete, you will also occasionally see the opportunity to skip the 2 hour wait by using clams or watching an Ad.

Your award will then be revealed.

It will be placed in the Time Machine, where it will stay until you claim all the prizes earned. You’ll see them in the middle bar, and total in the column on the left. You can take your rewards or keep time jumping.

What are the rewards for a successful Time Jump?

What you get will depend what jump level you are, but every level has a mix of rewards that can include:

Event Currency
Event Materials
Returning Decorations
Game Coins
Returning characters
 (including those who were exclusives in previous TTM such as Hedgehog Stewie, or bought for $$$ such as Ape Peter)
Returning costumes
New Exclusive Character (Support have confirmed the beta testing exclusive characters used to date will all appear agin as potential rewards again, so all players will get a chance to get them)
Time Paradox

You can see what you can win by tapping rewards then scrolling through the prize boxes. If something is greyed out, such as Ape Peter below, it means you already have it.

It’s really a lucky dip and unfortunately materials can be rewarded multiple times. It’s a bit like the mystery boxes that way I’m afraid.

Where Can I See My Reward?

You’ll get a pop up showing you’re reward, if it’s a successful jump, you’ll see this.

The prize will then be added to your Time Travel current rewards. These will keep adding until you “Take Rewards” but be mindful if you take your rewards you’ll be back to 0 of reaching the 50 you need to get the main prize.  You really want the rewards to accumulate but that comes with the risks of hitting a Time Paradox.

What Is A Time Paradox?

This is what you don’t want to see, basically when you choose your jump portal, the time paradox is the booby prize with an added sting in that it not only ends your run but will see you loose any rewards you’ve built up to that point. The only way to avoid this is to pay clams to keep those prizes and continue your run, or give your rewards up and start over.

I’ve seen costs of 25 Clams and 50 Clams to buy my way past a time paradox.

What Are Guaranteed Rewards?

These are jumps that will never contain a Time Paradox, basically the jump that will see you earn the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th and 50th reward. But that’s all it means, if you hit a time paradox after that you’ll still lose everything, the guarantee doesn’t mean you’ve banked those rewards and can’t lose them, it also doesn’t mean you will return to your last granted reward level if you have to quit due to a time paradox.

How Do I Unlock The Top Prize Of The New And Exclusive Character?

You’ll need a lot of Uranium and of course good luck as you’ll need to make 50 successful Time Jumps without hitting a Time Paradox, or you’ll need to offset having bad luck by spending clams to bypass any Time Paradoxes you hit.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions and prepares you for the feature once it’s fully launched.

31 responses to “Time Travel Madness Overview – Questions & Answers!!!

  1. There are too many time paradoxes to make this worthwhile. I wasn’t spending clams to get the mediocre prizes. Unless they decrease the paradoxes or up the ante on the prizes, this wouldn’t be a focus for me.


  2. In confused why the Clams reward at my top tier is grayed out. There is the character reward and a clam reward both in my top tier, but the clams are grayed out like I’m ineligible for them, weird. Hope you all are well!


    • It’s because if you get top tier you’ll get the character, the clams become available once you have the character


  3. This is garbage and clearly just a $$ grab. Not for freemium players. I think the most I got i was 4 in a row before i got paradox. Has become pointless for me to send out for a mission as most of the time I got the paradox after 2 runs.


  4. Yeah the no warning or confirmation when spending clams on this seems intentional. Won’t be touching that thing again.


  5. Agree with many of the others. The rewards for the first few tries aren’t anything to write home about, and you’re almost guaranteed to get a time paradox, which will require you to spend spend clams to keep going, or start from zero. It’s going to take a lot of clams to get up the levels where you might get something useful, and it’s not worth it for me. Rather save the clams for use during events.


  6. I’ve got to the first guarenteed prize twice, earning the Satue of Liberty deco, and Minstral Bruce. I chickened out and cashed in the winnings. Spent 25 clams once to keep playing after hitting the time paradox. I’m not going to waste clams trying to get to earn the grand prize


  7. Garbage clam trap. I got 4 successes in a row (earning coins, xp and thermometers). Since then I have got the time paradox at least once every 4 attempts, so to get a run of 50, or even 10, would certainly require a lot of clams. Like the wheel of fortune thing, where i have the jackpot once since it launched (years ago?), and that was just a decoration.


  8. I’ve been a Guinea pig for this feature in two events. I played it entirely freemium with the occasional ad fast forward. I don’t know what the actual odds of a time paradox are, but it feels like a 50/50 coin flip. The most I’ve gotten is two, maybe three rewards & then *wham* paradox. Every time. So my verdict on this feature: not worth it & shouldn’t be rewarded by giving them clams or ad money.

    They would have been smarter to have the paradox odds lower so users get 10-20 levels in so they are invested first, THEN feel they should pay clams. That and “save points” where you don’t lose rewards would keep people gambling.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Would be more worthwhile if 1 Uranium is allowed to be used until you hit a Time Paradox, especially since the prizes aren’t worth it, mostly coins and XP. To be using 1 Uranium each try to just win coins or XP, not worth it. I agree 100% with BigDaddy, just like the Wheel of Fun.


  10. It’s basically the new wheel of fun. Don’t expect to see a jackpot, like ever. Just like everyone else I won couple, lost it all, won some, lost it, etc. Haven’t actually got anything out of it yet and played quite a few times so far this event.


  11. 5 of the first 7 were Time Paradoxes, and the rewards I don’t really need (coins, XP, snorkels, thermometers). I eventually got four in a row and got a character, but I think that’ll do for now. As BigDaddy says it’s like the Wheel of Fun, and not worth spending clams on.


  12. Have any of you done this yet?
    I really want the Sonic Stewie, but I’m wondering how many clams you had to spend to get that far. I don’t mind dropping some clams, but so far this seems pretty unreasonable.
    Any insights?


    • In testing I hit 22 Time Paradoxes, paid to bypass them with clams, that was to get to the top prize at 50 – the passes were 25 clams each so 550 clams in total just on Time Paradoxes.


      • Are the chances of scoring the characters pretty good?
        If you pass the tier they are in (for example, 30 – 39) do you miss the chance for them for the rest of that run?


        • Hopefully that makes sense. I guess what I’m worried about is spending the clams, getting to the tier with Sonic Stewie, and just winning a bunch of XP and coins or something like that.


        • Yeah, but I did get couple characters didn’t have, so they do drop


          • Thanks for the info.
            I decided to take the plunge and do it. Twice!
            I didn’t drop quite 500 clams between the two runs, but stopped at 40 both times. I got a couple of new (to me) characters, but of course, no Sonic Stewie. wah wah waaaah

            Those sixty something thermometers and bazillion goggles sure came in handy though 🙃


      • 550 clams!! wow
        22 Time Paradoxes. Because it’s random too if you tried it again you cold get half as many or maybe up to 30. Doesn’t seem worth it.

        Over the weekend I got 4 time paradoxes off 6 goes.


  13. 3 time paradoxes in 10 attempts. It’s clearly a clam trap. You will use 300 to 400 clams just to get the top prize.

    I ignored the 1st paradox but then had 6 successful time jumps so I used 25 clams to carry on going….. just to have another paradox immediately.

    Once they know you’ll spend clams, expect the paradoxes to happen more frequently for you. This is another thing I’ll ignore, much like the alternative worlds.


  14. When tapping the “Keep playing” button after a paradox, it takes 25 clams instantly, it won’t ask you for confirmation. I won’t play the mini-game anymore, unless this is changed.


  15. Cherry Bakewell

    Oh, so that’s what the ‘Congratulations’ message said. Thank you. It popped up in my game but then immediately disappeared as the app decided to reload itself at that moment, so I didn’t get to read past the title.

    So, yes, I have this in my game now. It looks like one of the most lootbox / gambling related features they have added, so might be controversial or unwelcome for some players, or some entire countries.

    I spent my initial 5 uranium to learn how it works, which was basically stacking some forgettable junk, encountering the Time Paradox wipe-out on the 4th spin, then winning a snorkel with the 1 remaining uranium. No big whoop!

    Good luck anyone trying to reach a level that can pay out clams, characters, or the jackpot. How many players will ever get a 50 spin winning streak… perhaps approximately zero?


  16. I now have this in my game and I already hate everything about it. I did 4 tries – got uranium, a thermometer, XP, and then lost everything. Yeah, that’s neither fun nor interesting and I’m not going to bother with it. This is just a much worse version of the Mystery Box (which was already awful and unfair) with even more chance to get nothing/lose everything. I guess it’s nice we get some free rolls, but otherwise it sucks.


  17. I have a few uranium’s & from the prizes I can’t see myself getting overly upset if I lost them due to a time paradox. As for winning the top prize? I have just as much of a chance as winning my states million dollar lottery. 😉 To those you also have this in your game, I wish you a Huge amount of luck.


  18. I have 9 uraniums and from what I can from the prizes available, don’t think I’d be overly upset if I lost them due to a time paradox. As for winning the top prize? I think I’d have about the same chances as winning a million dollar lottery.😉 Wishing all, who also have this in their game, a huge amount of good luck.


  19. Just for fun I ran the 10 uranium I currently had. Won a uranium. Time Paradox. XP, XP, Time Paradox. XP, coins, coins, Time Paradox. Thermometer, coins, XP, coins, broken down Statue of Liberty deco.

    Yeah, I’m good with not paying attention to this too much. Kinda like the Wheel of Fun that hands out XP and coins and the very occasional 3 clams. I cannot recall the last 10 clam reward and it has been years since I last hit a jackpot.


    • I’ve got this feature in my game too and I also got very similar rewards.
      I did a blast of spending 9 Uranium that I had and of those I got a 2 Thermometers, 2 Time Paradoxes, and the rest was a mix of coins and XP.

      It’s nice to get something new in-game, I suppose.


  20. It appeared in my game with this mini-event. I’m not going to go wild with it as I assume the characters will later appear in QHS for thousands and thousands of medals. Seeing a “reward” of ONE Thermometer doesn’t really get my juices boiling for this.


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