Tell Jam City what you want, what you really, really want to see in the game in 2022

So the New Year partying is over, the fireworks have burnt out, the season of goodwill is behind us and the first major event of the year is well underway in our games. Yes looks like 2022 is here to stay, well for another 342 days at least.

What’s a FGQFS Addict to do once the party’s over and the daily grind has returned? Well apart from enjoying breaking all those new year resolutions, how’s about helping Jam City to make some? C’mon lift your 2022 already weary heads from their Sunday slumbers and take this once in a blue moon, ok once in a year, opportunity to tell Jam City what YOU want to see in the Family Guy The Quest for Stuff game in the year ahead.


What would you like to see more or what would you like to see less of? What new characters or features would you like to see, or even what old characters or features you’d like to see brought back? Is there an event you loved that you’d like to see a sequel to, or an event you missed you’d love them to revisit? Is there any changes you’d like to see to the layout of the game, the inventory, anything at all?

Basically this is to ask you to help them make the game better, so share your thoughts with us in the comments.

39 responses to “Tell Jam City what you want, what you really, really want to see in the game in 2022

  1. Reduce the cost of the special characters from 270 clams to 100.
    Let us exchange coins for clams. I have around 40 million coins and not a thing to do with them.
    Get rid of the Mystery Box. I have NEVER gotten the special character from it. I always get another coin-spewing building that I don’t need.
    Bring back the licensed characters such as Star Trek.
    If there has not been a Simpsons crossover in the past, I would love to see that!


  2. I would like to see the special characters of each event reduced from 270 clams to 100 clams each. I would also like to see the Mystery Box go away. I have NEVER gotten the special character that is in the box. I just get another coin-spewing building I don’t need since I have around 40 million coins at this point.


  3. A quicker way to search through a character’s outfits.

    Peter for instance has so many outfits it takes ages to get back to his default.

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  4. More QHS please with old skins and characters. I’ll have completed QHS in about 4 months. And as Stewie bucks are worthless no point doing tan lines. It would be nice on a season pass to have a choice of character prize, so you could pick one you didnt have rather than clams as an alternative prize.


  5. I’d like to see past characters brought back and available for either clams or to earn with activities. I’ve been told there are licensing issues, but I can see them in the FaceSpace area, so how is that different than making them available again? Specifically ALF, Superman, Tom Brady, Bill from Bill & Ted, but there are several others I’m sure I’m missing. Whether they are in the QHS, part of the VIP Season Pass or brought back for a “best of” event as you’ve had in the past.

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  6. I would really appreciate (now that there is a news-bulletin board) if that could have the ‘story line’ of whatever stage the player was currently in. So many things take much too long therefore I always skip the story nowadays.


  7. Like to see more characters do quest in games than the original


  8. Like to see more characters do more quests than the original characters


  9. Christmas decorated Griffin and Cleveland. Brown houses. A list of buildings that have decorations and what they are.


  10. Complete Event Collections by adding characters into QHS. Also, lower the cost of the characters. We dont use them again. Just fun to collect. Let us spend Stewie Bucks.


  11. A few thoughts, in no particular order:

    The developers should actually play the game so they’d understand our frustrations

    Allow Stewie bucks to be exchanged for clams (same with coins). There’s no sense in having hundreds of Stewie bucks or $130M+ coins if you can’t buy anything meaningful with them

    Expand QHS to bring back all the unlicensed characters. And maybe shorten the timeframe from 8 hours to 4 for collecting gold. Right now, it’ll take literal years to fully unlock all the characters in QHS.

    Make the game load quicker

    Plus, what everyone else said below


  12. I think it is very bad that they still are giving as prize in season pass a gold buck that at a certain time is useless. They should give the equivalent in pink buck, that is 60 pink bucks, that can be used for winning quite all the characters ( or, on the contrary, giving the possibility to convert bucks also in a back way: from gold to pink, from pink to blue, etc). Please!

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  13. Tristan BL Siegel

    Looks like Week 2 has started, but won’t load.

    The event menu is totally gone.

    I got some new dialogue and the wait for week 2 is gone.

    But no actual week 2.

    Thank you.

    Tristan 202-446-7096

    Sent from my iPad



  14. Wow where to start?! Lol. I have a bunch!!! But I’ll slowly start with a few novel length paragraphs.

    1. Getting old (tinyco days) licenses re-instated for many of the older big time names characters would be amazing (even just a few!) but I seriously doubt it will ever happen so how about possibly changing many of them to similar enough to get the character reference but far away enough that it couldnt cause any lawsuits?

    (Some charcaters in the game that already exist  for examples of that same concept I’m talking about are);

    I-Comic Strip Stewie (Snoopy) -the Green Witch (the Grinch) -Monkey Kong (Donky Kong) -The Li’l Wascals (The Little Rascals)
    The ’90s characters (Friends) from the Easter Rager event..
    And quite a few more, so they do have that trick down pat already.

    I dont know if that would be even possible based on how crazy tight those prior contracts could be. But maybe they could have those same (aka similar) hugely popular events again, and do what was suggested above about same looking characters “mostly”, could be mixed with old and new buildings to satisfy all players of various timeframes etc. Maybe these “new characters” could even be used as stand ins for a lot of the Facespace sets that so many of us have
    partially done, with no chance of ever completing becauase of those missing expired licensed characters? Same thing could be done with so many other movies or pop culture, as long as the fineline is clear enough away for no legal troube? (I myself really like how so as many events are based directly from the shows episodes while others are thought up and created by the game creators.) Even this idea may seem too risky to the games legal consultants or whoever they use or to other it might just seem like a stupid idea all around lol. I just know I am 1 of many voices who missed out on so much of the past fun. Played end of 2014 to I think spring 2016 until the tablet I played on I dont think had enough ram to continue.
    (On and off days for a few months of silently begging the constant swirling circle, praying to get past the loading screen and then the 1 in a 100 you do the whole thing crashes within 5 seconds. 😫 The good old days 😂)


  15. 1. Mystery boxes need to remove the repeatable prizes. You should win one prize and it disappears from the list.
    2. Event buildings should be automatic drops. It takes a while to unlock them, it should pay off every time for you.
    3. Why are the characters so expensive to purchase in the QHS? Kinda seems ridiculous. I’ll never get the list complete. This should be adjusted.
    4. The game is just repeating itself over and over. All we have is various new versions of the main cast in different situations. Why not have a ‘greatest hits’ event sometime that repeats and older event some might have missed.

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  16. Sort out the ‘common’ algorithm. Sometimes common is one in five – thats not common!. Let everyone have the Fastforward option. Give us things to spend Stewiebucks on!! Ditch the silly time machine thing its just doesn’t give you much at all. Pay attention to some game dynamics – ie recently items required for a new character are also available from that character (which makes no sense as when you have the character unlocked you no longer need the item) OR the same character has 2 different tasks for an item or 2 different skins for the same item.

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  17. More QHS levels. Bring back the American Dad characters!

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  18. They aren’t cheap, but it would be cool to see licensed characters again. More characters in the Historical Society would also be great.

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  19. Redesign QHS so characters are easier to find when needed. I keep recurringly used characters (Lois, Meg, etc) in Tan Lines to be able to find them quickly as events change out. Most others go for gold, to the tune of 500+ characters filling the scrolling list when looking in QHS. If a character is needed but is off looking for gold, good luck if you try to scroll as it will visually glitch and return somewhere else in the list, or you have to know what visual icon was the character you’re looking for.
    My current workaround is to wait until they all finish, release them all into town, then trigger them from the event cue. Also, does it seem like Facespace is missing a lot of characters??? That could be used as a “find the character” and allow some control.
    Another additional feature would be a way to cancel a task with no risk but no reward. Mistakenly sending a character on a task you didn’t mean to means either waiting, clams, or video fast forward (if available), there should be a way to kill the task that doesn’t reward anything, but also doesn’t incur any cost.

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  20. Less rinse and repeat events.
    More variety of events instead of the current 1 week ‘minor’, 3/4 week ‘major’/rinse+repeat event.
    Less cash grab attempts (time machine / season pass).
    More licensed characters or event tie ins.

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    • forgot add (but im sure someone else has proably said it)
      – a way to cancel a character task

      they have/had this feature in the Futurama game and you just lost the task reward if it was cancelled the task 2 seconds of it starting or 1 second before it ending.
      I’m sure they could find a way to implement it here

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  21. I’d like more floors in Tan Lines.

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  22. in no particular order: I wish there was a way to be able to replay missed quests for licensed characters. need something substantial to spend (or trade) coins on. better testing of new updates/features to avoid crashing or players being locked out. additional sets of questlines (non time limit) featuring non-main characters

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  23. As someone that has played for about seven years, I’d love them to revisit events like DC Comics and 80s/90s movie events the way they brought back both the Star Trek and Winter Outfit events. Something I would suggest to the developers is to find a way to re-release previous limited characters through either purchasable season passes where you can replay certain events on dedicated lands like Stewieland or best of mystery boxes (like they did during New Years awhile back) that are not currently available in the game. Examples of characters they could bring back are Comic Con guests, Mayor Wild West and the White Suit/Dancers from the opening theme song. A feature they should continue using both the ghost portal and time machine to bring in more questlines/characters from across the Family Guy multiverse and other past/current series on the Animation Dominition lineup.

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  24. Hello! Sometimes I unintentionally skip the first screen of dialog cutscenes, because I keep tapping on characters. This could be avoided if, for example, control was disabled for about 3 seconds when a cutscene is triggered.
    Also, I would really enjoy it if future cutscenes had some background, like fight scenes do. Nothing fancy, maybe many of them could be borrowed from the show.

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  25. one more thing bring springfield in the original map and bring the power rangers with more then 3 guys have a hole event on them


  26. i want more land on the original map and u should add the simpsons and more shops to go in and need more goast to would all so like more wrestling guys in it like aew wwe cuse last time u had wwe in the game i all most had all the guys the i lost the hole thing and had to start all over again


  27. I know that many of the “what I want” have already been mentioned by other players however since we still don’t have it I’m repeating them:

    1. Search option for finding whether you have a specific custome/character.

    2. Stop placing premium characters that would complete the set for an event in the Mystery Box!!!

    3. Stop the 8 or 12 hour tasks that repeatably do NOT drop the event item.

    4. Provide ALL players with the Fast Forward option. Stop penalizing those players who purchase clams and have a higher clam balance.

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  28. I think this past year, the game has been more stable and more reliable than it has ever been in the past 5 years. So congratulations on that.

    I have 2 silly OCD requests….

    1) instead of coins being shown as 10 mil, 20 mil, 30 mil, etc….. Would love if it would be shown as 16 mil, 17 mil, 18 mil, etc….

    2) when swipping thru character outfits, at one point in the past you could swipe across and fly by several outfits…. Like swipping down a web page….. Now if I’m looking for the 20th outfit of Peter…. I have to swipe 20 times.

    Again… Silly things…. But I really don’t have any complaints. Well done!

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  29. How about making the game fair/equal for Everyone! I’m talking about the Fast Forward option,it’s been out for Years!im done with it!they tell us the ads don’t work for some areas,lmao,since when was that factor for advertising?

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  30. – Rerun of old events or game mod let us to play them for limited time if its possible that would be amazing
    -More chance to get missing old characters or costumes by clams or more characters in alternate Quahogs
    -More district and space in Quahog if its possible
    –Second part for historical society
    Thank you for your hard work guys game is amazing ❤


  31. I have 117 Gold Stewie Bucks worth 242,658 clams. Can I trade the bucks for the clams?

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    • I second this and would also propose having the ability to convert Stewie Bucks down (e.g., yellow to red instead of only red to yellow). As a long time player, I don’t have a ton of use for them, but it could be helpful in acquiring Stewieland characters and land.

      As for other suggestions that have been made, I agree with so many of them: time machine could be extremely cool- currently, it just feels unhelpful and not worthwhile.

      QHS could have additional characters added, and reset some of the gold amounts required… like over ~10-20k for outfits feels unnecessary.

      I did like when they brought back skins/outfits we could acquire the materials for. That switched it up and was more interesting than sending all of the characters for gold.

      I won’t repeat a lot of the other suggestions I agree with; I’ll close by saying thanks for continuing to run this site and thanks to Jam City for continuing to work on this game.


    • How did you get 117 Gold Stewie Bucks? I have been playing for a year and a half. I only built up 5 of them.


  32. The return of old characters/skins in the QHS or time travel madness or in the season pass (not those already present in the QHS).


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