Current Game News – Difficulty Option

Hi addicts!!,

The Difficulty Option feature is once again being tested in random players games. If you’ve been selected you’ll see a message asking you to select your event difficulty.

The options are:
Normal – you’ll get the standard drops
Hard – you’ll get 1.5x drops
Very Hard – you’ll get 2x drops

Please note the above can be linked to you needing a higher amount of materials if you choose a harder option. For example with Normal you may need 12 of a material but choose Hard and you might need 18 of that material.

If you’ve not been chosen don’t worry it will be released fully eventually.

If you do have the feature please keep any comments for the main post coming tomorrow.


4 responses to “Current Game News – Difficulty Option

  1. It might’ve helped if I read this post before asking other users about this difficulty feature I haven’t seen yet! lol


  2. Finished on Very Hard and got 5 clams reward x-) . The only change I see is that you need more resources to unlock characters but the 2x “reward” wasn’t noticed.


  3. Not sure I understand this. If you get more drops with a harder difficulty level, what’s the downside? How is 1.5x or 2x drops harder than standard?


    • I’m waiting to see it for myself to try work out exactly how it works, I’ll need 3 separate games mind you to test each difficulty….


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