Event News – Main Questline Issues

Hi fellow addicts

Just a reminder the main Questline Part 7 is wrong. The tasks says “Have Donna Collect Sunshine” but it’s actually “Have Donna Water Herself” that completes this task.

2 responses to “Event News – Main Questline Issues

  1. I finished Phase 2 Part 7 6 days ago.

    It won’t load on my iPhone or iPad. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app.


    • Russian Tigger

      Did you do the correct part needed to complete the Questline, it had the wrong task for Sunflower Donna?

      Have you checked Peter isn’t in an Alternate Quahog?

      If you’ve checked both these and fine, and you’ve reinstalled with no joy you’ll need to contact game support to check if any issues in your saved game. If you’ve an Android device I’d also test to see if it’s working on that as there have been few issues for random IOS players of late.


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