Event News – Bonnie now drops Net Launchers

Hi fellow addicts

Just incase you miss it, wanted make you aware of the new Net Launcher drop for Bonnie.  I know this has probably come too late to help much.

3 responses to “Event News – Bonnie now drops Net Launchers

  1. Honestly, I don’t understand why they don’t put changes like this on that news board thingy in the game, so you see it when you load the game. All it’s ever used for is to let you know a new event is starting on Wednesday, which everyone knows already anyway. It wouldn’t seem to be that hard to do.


  2. Yeah, a little late.


  3. Too little to late for this event. Hopefully they will have at least 2 characters drop the needed items the next time this iteration of the game/questline comes around. And maybe have a building drop the item too since there’s literally no need for event currency from the last building in the event.


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