Quahog Tournament – Leaderboard

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in your games, the Leaderboard is back. Now this information is more to prepare you for future leaderboards as it’s a bit late help with the current one being tested in random games!!!

Yes with the new  Extreme Sports event well underway, TinyCo decided to beta test this, and dangle some leaderboard prizes as bait for us Addicts and I thought I’d bring you a quick guide to the  Leaderboard and ask you if you wantto make them a bit more fun.

It’s been a long time since we saw a Leaderboard, in fact we need to think back to 2017 and the Men In Black event.

The latest leaderboard is similar to those we’ve seen previously, in that it sets up a side contest between players for a limited amount of prizes. Now I used to take part, but only through my normal gameplay. I DID NOT spend a ton of clams just trying to hit the top rank, then spend loads more to stay in it. Wherever I ended up was out of my hands so I just relaxed and played my normal game. I advise every other addict to do the same. And remember many of the Top Prizes have come back as returning prizes in Best of mystery boxes and such, so try not to stress this too much on what you might be missing.


Okay on to the leaderboard itself, there are 3 Tiers and 3 Prizes, 1 prize for each rank obviously. And usually  if you finish in Rank 1, you also get the lower Rank prizes as well.

Gold Tier – Speed Skater Quagmire (Full Character)
The Drowned Clam
The Food Boat

To be awarded this prize you will need to ranked in the top 3 players in your FGQFS universe.  Good luck with that!!!

Silver Tier – The Drowned Clam
The Food Boat

To be awarded this prize you will need to be ranked between 4-7 in your FGQFS universe.

Bronze Tier – The Food Boat

To be awarded this prize you will need to be ranked between 8-20 in your FGQFS universe.


Now finding the leaderboard is easy, you just click on the Leaderboard  icon at the bottom of your screen.

This will open up the leaderboard screen, here you will see 1: your current rank,  2: your total number of Snowballs, 3: your potential prize, 4: where you’re sitting compared to other ranking players.

You can use the scroll buttons at the bottom to look up or down the Leaderboard.



Remember collecting Snowballs is the only way to climb the Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard will close when the event ends. If you’ve qualified for a prize you will usually be awarded it/them anything up to a week later.

And now my final thoughts, I know the leaderboard often makes you feel like a little fish in a big pond, but they are what they are my friends, and let’s try to keep it like it was during the Men In Black eventi.e. nothing more than a bit of friendly rivalry. I know many of you dislike these type of individual Leaderboards and would prefer community prizes we can all work towards, I’m in full agreement with this, but as someone who previously had issues with the Leaderboard, I now just sit back and let my gameplay dictate where I end up, and that’s the best advice I can give you, don’t turn it into a battle, as honestly you can’t control the spending or the gameplay of others, so you really will find it difficult to plot a path to victory.  And remember when you look at the Number 1 Ranked player’s Snowball tally and think it’s outrageously high remember TinyCo do have ways of removing those who abuse the rules of the Leaderboard, so if someone has used unfair means to build up those Snowballs they will be found out by TinyCo. On the other hand if you find yourself banned from the Leaderboard and feel this is wrong, unfortunately we can’t fix this for you, only TinyCo can do this, so message them and state your case.

Once again whether your play to win or just play to play, good luck.

There you have it, all the facts about the Leaderboard. What are your thoughts? Are you taking part in the beta testing? If so, any thoughts on it and the Prizes? Any other tips for fellow Players? Let us know.


10 responses to “Quahog Tournament – Leaderboard

  1. Somehow Leaderboards aren’t showing up on my game. Is it random for players or for everyone?


  2. Somehow I won speedskater Quagmire. There’s no way I was even close to top 3. I don’t think I was even in the top 50. Did they give it to everyone? And how do I even find those decorations I won?


    • Squirrel Girl

      The decorations may show in the Extreme Sports event tab, if not they could be anywhere. They may have been kind and awarded all the prizes to those who took part in testing


  3. comment number 2.. whilst i wait for number 1 to be posted 🙂
    ive just got a pop up saying congratulations – I think i was in the top 100 – but i cant see where the actual character and buildings have gone – they are nowhere to be seen…? any ideas where to find them – cant see them in inventory etc.


    • Squirrel Girl

      Firstly check in the Extreme Sports inventory tab, if lucky they might go in there. If not, you’ll need search your inventory for them, which I know is a real pain


  4. I thought I read it was the top 100 that got all the prizes? I checked maybe 12 hours before the end of the event and I was only rank 250ish. I didn’t spend any clams, rush any tasks, or do anything except login semi-regularly. BUT I just got a popup saying I won everything – which seems very odd. I placed the character and both items so there’s no issue on that side. I’m guessing it was just awarded to everyone?


  5. I had this appear…. made sure I was dutifully collecting the snowballs…
    yet, when it completed… I think i was somewhere in the 90’s – waring for my rewards… but its just vanished and ive got nothing to show for it… is this right?


    • Squirrel Girl

      Maybe a reward for helping test the new leaderboard – you’ll need check inventory for prizes, check Extreme Sports tab first, if not in there you’ll need scroll through your inventory to f8ndcthem, which is a pain if you’ve lots stored


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