Event News – Vedette Peter (costume) drops Design Plans

Hi fellow addicts

Just incase you miss it, wanted make you aware that Vedette Peter,  costume for Peter, drops Design Plans.  Thanks to BigDaddy & Skaface for pointing this out.

5 responses to “Event News – Vedette Peter (costume) drops Design Plans

  1. Annnnd, now again Peter in week two, the one character which cannot be stored in Tan Lines, apparently has no tasks, and they even took away the event currency drop task Vedette Peter had. Sigh.


  2. Ha, was just about to share this info after having the feedback team (in-game) completely miss my point when not only informing them of this but also asking if there were any other characters we should know about (both for items and the money bags.)


  3. mfoof-sanjose

    Is Vedette Peter a costume or character. I know I have him, just can’t find him.


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