Questline Glitch – Girls Night Donna

Hi fellow addicts

Now Fixed

Part 1 of Girls Night Donna’s Questline is glitched as she currently doesn’t have the task “Order Shots” – I’ve reported this.

4 responses to “Questline Glitch – Girls Night Donna

  1. She seems to have a task named that now but it doesn’t highlight. Problem seems to be the Go button in the quest is linked to a Girls’ Night Lois task for some reason. I’ve sent my Donna on the unhighlighted Shots task. We’ll see if it credits properly.


  2. I’m confused as I have two “offers” to purchase items for Girls’ Night Donna, yet the only way to obtain Girls’ Night Donna is by using clams. And the Girls’ Night Donna that can be purchased apparently helps with obtaining… Girls’ Night Donna?!?!


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