Event News – Season Pass Issues

Hi fellow addicts

Currently any currency you earn, Pearls, is not tallying in the Season Pass, I’ve reported this, so hopefully see a fix soon. 


3 responses to “Event News – Season Pass Issues

  1. My first prize of clams didnt drop either. I have reported it. Make sure you get what you have paid for!


  2. Also the prizes for vip passes has reduced a lot each time… until recently you’d get back almost 600 clams worth with either characters or the clams if you had them, now the clam option is much lower.

    Also, what is the vip and more, seems like you pay £10 more for just 100 clams extra, that can’t be right, can it?
    I always just do the 600 option as by time the next one comes around I’ve got back the 600 anyway from vip and daily ads etc…


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