Candy Killer Phase 2 is here!!!

It’s time to see what’s going on down in Quahog with the latest event to hit our games.

*** I’m sorry I won’t post anything else tonight as I’m a bit under the weather, be back as soon as I can*** 


14 responses to “Candy Killer Phase 2 is here!!!

  1. Is anyone having issues where they are unable to fast forward tasks (by watching ads) on their apple product? Have not been able to do this for several weeks now and the helpdesk on the game doesn’t see an issue. Any thoughts?


  2. Hope you are feeling better!!


  3. I see an offer that you can buy stuff to get a new skin for Connie. Part of the deal is a pimp looking Peter that I already have. Any idea if you get some clams if you already have him or do you get nothing extra?


  4. Is anyone having issues on their apple product where they cannot fast forward tasks? Seems not to be an issue with Android. We tried the help desk but their only suggestion was that something to do with the ad providers. Thoughts?


  5. Looks like the old bug where the character doesn’t show up in the mystery box prize pool is back. No Seamus for me. I thought they finally fixed that one.


  6. Hope ya feel better soon, Squirrel Girl. I’m just now coming out of a flu/plague that wiped me out for three days.


  7. Mystery Box from heck strikes again, I now have a tree, some pumpkins and I am pretty sure more donuts than are required for all the buildings, and no Seamus. Grrr. Even better when opening the game, see a banner about Neighborhood Watch Seamus with a buy now of 270 clams, which when tapped takes you to the Mystery Box. Grrr.


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