Holidays Galore Event Links

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***Please note not all links will be immediately available***

Phase 3

Overview Post
Main Questline – Wary And Bright
Side Questline – Cupid Stewie
Side Questline – Easter Bunny Brian
Side Questline – Flag Day Meg
FaceSpace Sets
Where Are You Now
Event Feedback 

Phase 2

Overview Post
Main Questline – Tis The Season
Side Questline – Mother Nature Babs
Side Questline – Father Time Carter
Side Questline – Tooth Fairy Lois
FaceSpace Sets
Where Are You Now
Tips For Phase 3 

Phase 1

Overview Post
Main Questline – Merry Holiday
Side Questline – Jack Frost Chris
Side Questline – Sexy Santa Peter
Side Questline – Throwback Jesus
Side Questline – Krampus Brick Baker
FaceSpace Sets
Where Are You Now
Tips For Phase 2 


2 responses to “Holidays Galore Event Links

  1. Howdy folks…. Looks as though they have placed a cap on speedups for me again. Anyone else encountering this? Last year I hit a balance of 1,000 clams and speedups stopped being available. I went back and forth for weeks with support and one day, I could use them again. Now, I hit 1,250 clams and speedups are again not available. I spent 2 clams, got to 1,248 and speedups are, once again, available. I’m back over 1,250 and they’ve stopped. Does anyone have over 1,250 or 1,000 and have this issue?


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