Summer Stroke is here again….. and yes it is a repeated event….

Please note this is a repeat of the event from 2020. And the VIP character sees the return of Torchbearer Seamus, there is nothing completely new this week.



6 responses to “Summer Stroke is here again….. and yes it is a repeated event….

  1. Looks like they caught on to the cheaper season pass. At the start of this repeated event, it was 400 clams. I usually wait until I’ve reached the end of the pass the free way before I make the purchase. It’s now up to the usual 600 clams.


  2. looks like the beginning of the end for this game. first no more special licensed characters… now only repeated events with no new content. looks like they’ve given up. sucks. RIP Quest for stuff.


  3. anyone know how to start phase 2 been 3 days still saying wait for phase two to begin


  4. Does Torchbearer Seamus appear in FaceSpace or QHS? Other than going thru each 700+ characters currently going for gold, I can’t figure out how to tell if I have him or not?
    Side note, is FaceSpace as confusing to anyone else as it is to me? Do groupings repeat on different tabs?


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