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How are you enjoying the game so far?

It’s hard to believe that the game hasn’t even been out for three weeks yet, it feels like it has been around for months. Now that the dust has settled and you’ve had a chance to get a feel for the game, how does it compare to your expectations?

How did you hear about the game? Do you also play Tapped Out, and if so are you balancing both games simultaneously? One town building simulator can be hard enough to manage. Through most of the comments I’ve read it seems that people have either decided to move to Quahog or stay in Springfield.

Move Building 1

As someone who wasn’t pulled in by my initial experience, does the game improve post-tutorial? I find that one of the things that makes these games enjoyable are the way the creative teams for these shows contribute to the writing. Does Quest for Stuff capture the humor of Family Guy the same way Tapped Out does for The Simpsons? Let us know in the comments.

Are you dining on donuts or chowing down on clams?


Initial Impressions

Quest for Stuff Promo ArtNow that the game has launched, I had a chance to sit down with the game and gather some of my initial impressions.

I should mention that I did not participate in the beta, and that I did not seek out any information about the game prior to its launch. Like most new players, I came into the game not knowing what to expect. So, what did I think of it?

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