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Event Launch, Update, Crashing…

UPDATE 5/18 1010PM EST:

Looks like Bill n Ted are too busy playing games with the Grimm Reaper, they don’t wanna play with us… yet.

In other words… enjoy the downtime. Event pushed to tomorrow. IMO I’m glad they’re wanting to make sure it’s good to go. It’s that or push it now and have issues making it so we can’t play til it’s fixed anyway. 😉

Til tomorrow… Be Excellent To Each Other… Party On, Dudes!


Hey there Clammers!

I know we’re all awaiting an EXCELLENT adventure in a phone booth with some Wyld Stallyns.

Hang in there, time travel is a bit tricky so you don’t arrive inside of Molten Lava, the belly of a Dinosaur, or inside Pandora’s Box.

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