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Guys In Black 101: Jeeb’s Pawn Shop Phase Two

Poor Jeeb, just when his head heals… here comes more guys with firearms…

Phase 2 of the Guys In Black Event dropped into our Quahog’s and brought some changes to the current buildings. Buildings like Jeeb’s Pawn Shop. This will impact the way you make Exchanges to get those Neuralyzers.

Let’s take a peek at the changes to the Exchange options.  Continue reading


Guys In Black – Characters & Buildings That Drop Stuff Phase 2

Drops bugging you? Tasks that look alien to you? Well don’t despair as here come the Addicts In Black to help clear your mind of all that space junk!!! Someone pass me a Nueralyzers please!!!

Guys In Black is now live in our games and many characters and buildings have tasks to help us earn even more stuff! So keep reading to learn what’s dropping this week.


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Guys In Black 101: Intergalactic Mystery Box

Intergalactic… Planetary… Cuz you CAN’T and you WON’T and you DON’T STOP!!!

Phase 2 is now in our silly lil Quahogs. With it, there is the First of our Mystery Boxes. Tempting lil “Chance” Boxes stuffed full of temping lil goodies we can risk our precious Clams on to give it a Try.

The New Guys In Black Event Mystery Box that dropped into our Quahog’s is the Intergalactic Mystery Box.

Let’s take a peek inside the Mystery Box and see what tempting treats are available.  Continue reading