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Bitch Results & A New Poll About Intimate Apparel Peter!

Hello There Clammers!

Try to remember back to the beginning of November….when Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian arrived in our games!  After that short event we asked you guys for feedback on how YOU did with the event…and we’ve got your results below the fold (you guys never fail to disappoint!)

BUT before we get to the results of Bitch Fest 2014…I wanted to get your take on Intimate Apparel Peter & if you earned him or not.  So let us know in the poll below if Peter is currently walking around your Quahog in practically nothing…..

Now let’s check out the results of the Bitch Event…

Note: I know we did the Halloween poll at the same time as the bitch poll…we will have those results for you tomorrow with a new poll about Thanksgiving.

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Quest for STUFF Walkthroughs: Bitchs are Back!

Hello There Clammers!

Lois left Stewie’s Clone Machine on and now Clones are invading Quahog…clones of the bitch variety!  That’s right, Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian have arrived in town!

Let’s take a look at all the ways these Bitches try to integrate themselves into Quahog!

Bitch Brian & Stewie

Note: These are the walkthroughs for both Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian…as well as a combined one if you have both.  

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