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Clams, Free Clams, and MORE Clams!

Hey there Clam Seekers!

Many times as we are Playing along in the game, we wonder “Can I get FREE Clams?” Well, YES! You can! There are so many places around the game itself to earn Clams For Free, it is insane. Many places you may have not even noticed.

Overtime I was slowly compiling a list of places the Clams appeared, but recently was approached by one of our Readers here, Russian Tigger, with their take on all the Free Clams they have earned just by playing along in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. As I love to share thoughts with you outside of just mine and wanted to give you a run down of Free Clams, I thought it would be the perfect time to share Russian Tigger’s breakdown. Take a peek below and feel free to share your Free Clams results you have got to date too in the comments.

Clam Icon Mort Free Clams Clams

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