Clams, Free Clams, and MORE Clams!

Hey there Clam Seekers!

Many times as we are Playing along in the game, we wonder “Can I get FREE Clams?” Well, YES! You can! There are so many places around the game itself to earn Clams For Free, it is insane. Many places you may have not even noticed.

Overtime I was slowly compiling a list of places the Clams appeared, but recently was approached by one of our Readers here, Russian Tigger, with their take on all the Free Clams they have earned just by playing along in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. As I love to share thoughts with you outside of just mine and wanted to give you a run down of Free Clams, I thought it would be the perfect timeΒ to share Russian Tigger’s breakdown. Take a peek below and feel free to share your Free Clams results you have got to date too in the comments.

Clam Icon Mort Free Clams Clams

FYI, if you are here looking for Cheats or Hacks to the game… WRONG SITE! Please refer to our Addicts Guidelines for more info. πŸ™‚



In the Tutorial when you first open the game, you are awarded 5 Clam IconFree Clams just for completing some Tasks with Peter and Chris (one Clam is used to get Chris Socks).

More and more continue to drop during the game as you go through the District Questlines, Events, Collect Characters, and on n on n on n on n on. So many that it was an ever growing list I had. Here are a few District Questline examples…

District 3 (this was per play in 2014, let us know if you saw different)

Dollars and Sense Pt 4 Clams

District 5Β (this was per play in 2014, let us know if you saw different)

A Pirates Life For Peter Part 6 Clams

To give a perspective from someone other than Me and MyΒ own game… let’s take a look at Russian Tigger’sΒ Free Clam progress as they’ve played through the game since they began May/June 2014




There’s Clams in that there Game

Following on from my leaderboard musings I’m back for more, but this time I want to tackle an issue close to all our hearts, clams, more precisely free clams, the legit type you get from playing the game.Β  I often read in the comments that players feel TinyCo is a little mean when it comes to clams and I know there can sometimes be an issue where players games show clam spends but no clam purchases. This occasionally confuses TinyCo’s cheat sweeps as it isn’t coded to know where these clams came from and if like me you’ve built up quite a few this can see your account flagged as suspicious causing you to be banned from leaderboards etc. But I know for a fact they are working on trying fix this for future events so let’s say no more about that just now.

Anyway I thought since I have nothing better to do with my time I’d put together a post showing how I got my free clams and ask how many my fellow addicts have built up since they started playing. I certainly got a pleasant surprise at my total.

I obviously welcome others to post about their clam experiences, but again please this is not some TinyCo hatefest, this is just to show how us players can build up plenty of clams just from playing clean and of course it will hopefully encourage TinyCo to drop some more clams into the game as a reward for us players.

So join me as I go a clamming and take a little trip down memory lane. And yes by the end of it I’m sure we will all have gone a little clam crazy but at least I will have shown there were lots of clams to be honestly gathered.

I’m going to start my journey through the clam fields with general game play. I started playing in May/June 2014, unfortunately missing the cool beta stuff etc. But alas I’ve got over it and I’ve played through every district, event and glitch since.


Ollieland Screen Secret Santa

So my first clam total is from my daily visits to Ollieland, I’ve visited most days but giving a little margin forΒ  missed days I have probably earned around 600Β Clam IconFREE Clams from this alone.Β 


On top of these just playing through the game and Events I’ve collected clams as follows.


Β Clams Kingdom of Full Moon Event

Independence Day 2014 – 20 clams

Comic Con Event 2014
Quahog Comic Con Questline – 10 clams
Blam Mystery Box, at least – 35 clams
Blam Mystery Box 2, at least – 35 clams
Thanks for Being Awesome – 50 clams
Bombardier Training Questline – 25 clams
(155+ Clams)

Halloween 2014
Fiscal Frights Questline – 18 clams
Stink Bombing Trick or Treaters, at least – 5 clams
High on Halloween – 2 clams
(25+ Clams)

A Quahog Thanksgiving 2014
This was a 35 clams a try box, with the first try free. As I had collected all materials I did very well in this, winning all prizes and having a net gain of at least 85 clams, my type of mystery box.

Christmas 2014/New Years 2015
Christmas Day Mystery Box – 30 clams
Cheer Squad Levels – 55 clams
Giving and Receiving Secret Santa Gifts, at least – 20 clams
Christmas Gift from TinyCo – 25 clams
Polka Dot Mystery Box, at least – 60Β  clams
New Year Mystery Box, at least – 90 clams
Rite of Passage Tower – 10 clams
(290+ Clams)

***Side Note Bunny: Not all the 2014 Events are listed here. If you have been playing since the beginning, you may remember Pee Pants/Circus Event and Kingdom of the Full Moon Event… to name a few. ***

free clams


A Rising Star pt 1 5 Free Clams

Romancing the Clam 2015
Morning Arousal Dates, at least 10 clams
Casanova Movie Theatre Dates – 1 clams
Quantum Quagmire Questline – 1 clam
Have Cupid Make it Rain Candy Questline –Β  1 clam
She’s All That Questline – 1 clam
Can’t Hardly Wait – 1 clam
(15+ Clams)

Star Trek Event 2015
Away We Go Questline – 5 clams
Borg Planet Missions, at least – 100 clams
(105+ Clams)
***Side Note Bunny: Tribbles during this Event dropped randomly +1 Clam too. I tapped hundreds and got many Free Clams from them.***

Happy Birthday to Us – 10 clams

Mobster Event 2015
Mobster Prizes – 10 clams
Mobster Prizes – 25 clams
Rise to the Top Part 7 – 5 clams
Thanks For Being Awesome – 30 clams
(70 Clams)

Peter Palooza Event 2015
Rank Gold Prize – 10 clams
Leaderboard Prize – 10 clams
A Rising Star Questline – 5 clams
Becoming a Superstar – 5 clams
(30 Clams)

The Quest For Mobile Stuff – 10 clams

Death at the Drive-In 2015
Make Some Space – 5 clams
Bring the Movies to Life Questline – 4 clams
Somebody Scream Questline – 4 clams
High on Halloween – 2 clams
(15 Clams)

Raid to the North Pole 2015
Christmas Day Mystery Box – 30 clams
Collectives Leaderboard Prize – 3 clam
(33 Clams)

So there you have it a total of at least 1463 Clam IconFREE Clams from just playing through the game, and it could be more as I’ve put the minimum in a few places and I’m sure I’ve probably forgot or missed a few here and there.

***Side Note Bunny: Again, not all Events are listed. Nor the ones for 2016. The New A Grimm Knight in Quahog Event for 2016 already has a Basic Side Questline dropping 1 Clam upon each Part being completed, Supermodel Prisoners.Β ***

But the free clams don’t stop there, by just doing the above I completed a large number of Character Collections, most of which came with clam rewards.


Character Clam Collections

Meet the Deaths – 25 clams
Meet Lame Friends – 20 clams
The Guys – 10 clams
The Gals – 10 clams
Kids Table – 25 clams
3 Guys 1 Dog– 25 clams
Newsroom – 35 clams
No Friends Zone – 35 clams
Comic Con Celebs – 50
Comic Con Celebs Too – 100 clams
Tortured Souls – 50 clams
The Next Generation – 50 clams
Mafia Soldiers – 35 clams
The Smiths – 10 clams
Halloween Costumes – 25 clams
Ghostbusters – 25 clams
Christmas Guests – 25 clams
Santas Helpers – 25 clams
Peter Costume Box 1 – 25 clams
Peter Costume Box 2 – 25 clams
Slasher Ready – 10 clams
The Risen Dead – ??Β Clams (***Side NoteΒ Bunny: This is 10 Clams***)


There may have been others as TinyCo change these at will, usually for Events or to update FaceSpace, and as you can see I couldn’t find the clam reward for The Risen Dead, if anyone remembers please say in the comments. But again from what I’ve listed above I collected 640 Clam IconFREE Clams, not bad for just playing and gathering characters.

***Side Note Bunny: This is NOT the entire Character Clam Collection list either. There have been many more, but some of those involved Premium Characters too, so you may have got them if you earned enough Free Clams to snag them.***Β 

Li'l Wascals Li'l Peter Collection Complete



Next, well I was paid in Clams to watch “Carl TV”,

Watch Videos Carl Free Clams

then I was paid in Clams to watch “Patches TV”,

Free Clams Patches Video

and well now I get paid to just watch “The TV”.

Mort Free Clams Watch AdClam TV Tom Tucker

Β Sitting through countless app adverts has earned me at least 200 Clam IconFREE Clams.



JesusTouchdown Jesus

And then during Christmas 2014 I found Jesus, and he has brought clams into my life with his 24 hour task, he must be fed up of it as he’s been on it since the day I got him, and I would say once again he’s earned me at least 200 Clam IconFree Clams. Not bad for just resetting a task once a day. And since the last event he’s now dressed up in his football gear and dropping 4 clams, he’s already done this twice within his first week since football camp.




So let’s add those up people.

Drum Roll Please…..

So in my time in the game I have collected a grand total of at least 2503 Clam IconFREE Clams. Bet a few of you are now thinking TinyCo isn’t as mean with the free clams as you thought. I was surprised myself. It’s a clamtastic amount eh? Well yes as I can then spend them on any premium content.

Now I love this game, I love the challenge, I suffer through the glitches and frustrations like everyone else but I live in a head space where everything isn’t perfect and don’t let these things drive me insane.Β  But a few free clams to make up for the hiccups always helps keep the spirits up, so keep those coming TinyCo.




What would I like next? Well more free clams obviously. How could they be brought into the game?

  • I’d like to see levels resuming with a clam reward for each level gained.
  • A free clam for maxing out characters, it takes a lot of grinding to max these.
  • An update to Ollieland where the free daily clam amount varies, maybe between 1 and 5 clams.
  • A low priced clam game of chance, say for $1 you open a mini-game, for me it could be opening the contents of 3 Stewie diapers with a chance to win 30, 50, 80 or 100 clams.
  • Every premium character having a 24 hour rare, even extra chance clam drop like Jesus, this gives us an added incentive to buy premium characters and a use for them once events are finished. One of the biggest complaints is they do nothing after events, well this would address that.
  • Bring back the clam rewards for completing quest lines, they were always a nice touch (happening now in A Grimm Knight).
  • And how about some buy XXX amount clams get XXX amount free, this would help in countries that are seeing clam costs inflated by local taxes etc.
  • Also some community clam prizes, this could be done through a TinyCo run competition on this site. It would be great see more TinyCo interaction here as many of us avoid their Facebook site due to the venom posted on it so we miss things they maybe announce there.


So it’s now over to you, the community, I want to know your thoughts. How many clams do you think you’ve got free? Are you surprised at just how many there has been? Have you spent many or are you a clam hoarder? And of course your ideas on how youΒ  would like to see more free clams introduced into the game?

~Russian Tigger


There you have it, a breakdown of Free Clams from one of our Readers and Fellow Player Russian Tigger. Thanks! Feel free to share your winnings or ones you did not see listed but got yourself in the comments below. Also note whether you are Premium or Freemium Players. πŸ™‚