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Coronavirus Special Side Questline: Virus Special But Seriously

Hello Addicts!!!

Jam City have put a new task in our games and it carries an important message ithat I want to echo.  Basically click on the new Virus Special But Seriously task and you’ll see the following message. All I’d like to add to it is to tell you to remember to keep washing your hands.

Once you agree by clicking Yes Mommy you’ll be awarded a Trophy. Even better it’s one that no one has held before you.

Coronavirus Special Side Questline: Virus Special Request Update

Hello Addicts!!!

Looks like Jam City decided to give bats a break and have cut the Virus Special Request task short. You should find when you clear your next Infected Bat the Questline ends and you’ll be awarded 5 Clams and the Bat Cat.

Coronavirus Special Side Questline: Virus Special Request

Hello Addicts!!!

Just when we thought it was safe to hide out in our virtual towns, Jam City has infected them with a Coronavirus special task. To be honest I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when this popped up in my game earlier, but if I’m brutally honest I wish they hadn’t done this.

So it’s time for us to gather round, but not too close guys,  and take a look at  this Side Questline, Virus Soecial Request. 

However before covering this task, I also want to use this post to wish all of you good health, may the luck of the Irish keep us all, and those we hold dear, virus free.

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