Coronavirus Special Side Questline: Virus Special Request

Hello Addicts!!!

Just when we thought it was safe to hide out in our virtual towns, Jam City has infected them with a Coronavirus special task. To be honest I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when this popped up in my game earlier, but if I’m brutally honest I wish they hadn’t done this.

So it’s time for us to gather round, but not too close guys,  and take a look at  this Side Questline, Virus Soecial Request. 

However before covering this task, I also want to use this post to wish all of you good health, may the luck of the Irish keep us all, and those we hold dear, virus free.

Virus Special Request Pt. 1

Defeat The Infected Bats To Receive A Special Reward: Tap “Go” to complete
Defeat 100 Infected Bats: Tap 100 Infected Bats to clear them
 – each Infected bat drops 1 Clover

Completed Task 1   1

17 responses to “Coronavirus Special Side Questline: Virus Special Request

  1. Resultados de la búsqueda
    Resultado de traducción
    En mi opinion verdaderamente es un bonito animal, tan culpable como yo.
    El bonito detalle del juego de no cambiar el salvapantallas.
    Gracias y protegeos
    In my opinion it is truly a beautiful animal, as guilty as I am.
    The nice detail of the game of not changing the screensaver.
    Thanks and protect


  2. Cherry Bakewell

    Wow, astonishingly poor taste. I don’t recall ever seeing that pop-up in the game but did have the bats. Glad they realised their mistake and binned it.


  3. I finished this event and was awarded a trophy plus an option to get Bat Cat. I tapped the wrong area on the screen and now can’t find Bat Cat. Is it in my inventory? I can’t find it there either.


  4. I agree in poor taste given the circumstances but I did get a trophy for completing it. So something positive.


  5. Aaaaaaaaaaand, it’s gone….


  6. Just finished the challenge and got the Bat Cat, but messed up and clicked outside the pop up window and it disappeared on me. Where can I find the Bat Cat now? Is it in storage? Is it character or decoration?
    Any ideas?


  7. Looks like cases of the disease continue to rise on both sides of the pond. Stay healthy and safe, RT!


  8. I don’t mind about the name of the task ‘Coronavirus’, I just wish they had put a little more effort into this. I mean how many times have these bats been recycled already?


  9. Thanks


  10. Hello, do you need to be on phase two to get this Coronavirus quest? Im not on phase 2 yet and I haven’t received the special side quest line so that is why I ask


  11. I was not surprised to see this. Right in brand, imo 🙂 #FlattenTheCurve


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