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St Patrick’s Day Phase 2 Overview

It’s time to kiss the Blarney Stone as another event has come to Quahog in St Patrick’s Day.

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Coronavirus Special Side Questline: Virus Special Request

Hello Addicts!!!

Just when we thought it was safe to hide out in our virtual towns, Jam City has infected them with a Coronavirus special task. To be honest I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when this popped up in my game earlier, but if I’m brutally honest I wish they hadn’t done this.

So it’s time for us to gather round, but not too close guys,  and take a look at  this Side Questline, Virus Soecial Request. 

However before covering this task, I also want to use this post to wish all of you good health, may the luck of the Irish keep us all, and those we hold dear, virus free.

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St Patrick’s Day Phase 2 Links

Click the links below to see this week’s event posts.

***Please note not all links will be immediately available***

Main Overview Post
Main Questline – The Magic Of Family
Who Drops Event Currency This Phase
Side Questline – Week 3 Delay
Side Questline – Virus Special Request
Side Questline – Virus Special But Seriously
Side Questline – Angus Griffin
Side Questline – Osias Griffin
FaceSpace Sets
Addicts Area
Where Are You Now
Tips For Phase 3

St Patrick’s Day Phase 2 – Who Drops Event Currency This Phase?

Here’s your quick guide to who and what drops Clovers, Green Balls & Lucky Top Hats this phase!!!

Leprechaun Brian
Beer Hall
Feeling Lucky Horseshoe Tavern
End Of The Rainbow Bar
Clearing Green Guys
Clearing Gummy Bear
Completing Questline Parts
Four Leaf Clover Statue
Lucky Five Leaf Clover Statue
St Patrick’s Kids
Infected Bats
St Patrick’s Mystery Box

Green Ball:
Green Guy
Patrick’s Day Mystery Box

St Patrick’s Kids
Patrick’s Day Mystery Box
Lucky Top Hat Statue

St Patrick’s Day Phase 2 Addicts Area!!!

It’s time to go on our latest adventure as a new event is hitting our games with St Patrick’s Day arriving in Quahog.

Yup you asked for a readers page where you could share event tips & tricks and I’ve only gone and called your bluff and created one. So here’s where you can lay all your  event progress on the table for your fellow addicts to see.

And it’s also where you can share any strategies or advice. So c’mon Addicts let’s do this together.

Please remember to leave feedback on the last event by clicking here!!

~ Russian Tigger

St Patrick’s Day Phase 2 is here….. and there are NO timed characters….

It’s time to see what’s going on down in Quahog with the latest event to hit our games. Yes, St Patrick’s Day is here.

I’m seeing the full event on the latest app versions 2.2.2 & 2.3.2.

I’ll get the Addicts Area post up and the overview post up as soon as I can but there will be a delay due to the timing of the event launch, I’m sorry but it’s difficult to schedule to be free for new event launches when they are all over the place time wise these days.

But let me repeat the good news, there is NO unlock timer for Osias Griffin!!!

~ Russian Tigger

St Patrick’s Day Phase 2 Coming Soon!!!!

Hey there!

Just popping in for a moment to remind you that if you that phase 2 should be starting later today, so don’t be sending any of your core or event characters such on the Go For Gold task.