St Patrick’s Day Tips For Phase 3!!!

As the first phase of St Patrick’s Day is well under way I thought I’d give my thoughts on what you might want to stockpile for phase 3.

Please be aware this is just my guess, I could be wrong, but this is the currency/materials I’ll be concentrating on.

Magic Golden Coins
Beer Kegs
Lucky Top Hat

3 responses to “St Patrick’s Day Tips For Phase 3!!!

  1. A quick question. I’m betting that the leprechaun in the historical society is different than the one that helps with this event. Confirmation? Also why the heck doesn’t leprechaun Stewie help with the event? I bought him just for that reason.


  2. If I ever get to phase 3 I’ll look back at this. Although I’ve had all the properties for ages, I’m still 275 clams worth of objects away from getting Osias Griffin. It’s pointless having 1.5 hour tasks at the buildings when it takes a minimum 4 hours to intermittently generate the required elements to start the task. Especially painful when the same small number of characters generate more than one item. They can’t do more than one at at a time! Also Brian has 3 tasks and again can’t do all at once. This interdependence is just ridiculous. A most tedious grind.


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