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The Mystery Chad’s Missing Trophy – Solved!!!

Many of you have reported they didn’t get a Trophy when they unlocked Chad. As I suspected you will NOT get a trophy for unlocking him or for unlocking any returning characters going forward.

Game Resetting & App Version 2.3.2 Glitch Updates

Hi fellow addicts, few updates for you.

Firstly the game resetting issues that hit a lot of us over the weekend should be resolved, if you now sign in using your username & password this should restore your game progress. However if you’ve any issues signing in such as you’ve forgotten your password please contact support as they’ll send you a link to reset this.

And secondly as you know App Version 2.3.2 brought some issues with it, lagging and crashing especially when using Consuela’s Vaccum. These issues will be fixed in the next update which should be released very soon.

Current Event Page

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Phase 3

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Phase 3 Main Questline – Dread Zeppelin
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Side Questline – Guitar Playing Fly
Side Questline – Giant Frog
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Phase 2

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Phase 2 Main Questline – Father Of The Beer
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Side Questline – Kid Chris
Side Questline – Kid Meg
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Phase 1

Phase 1 Main Overview Post
Phase 1 Main Questline – Puns N’ Roses
Who Drops Event Currency Phase 1
Side Questline – Arena Rock Peter
Side Questline – Working Squirrel
Side Questline – Travlling Pancake
FaceSpace Sets
Addicts Area Phase 1
Phase 1 Where Are You Now Poll
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