Game Resetting & App Version 2.3.2 Glitch Updates

Hi fellow addicts, few updates for you.

Firstly the game resetting issues that hit a lot of us over the weekend should be resolved, if you now sign in using your username & password this should restore your game progress. However if you’ve any issues signing in such as you’ve forgotten your password please contact support as they’ll send you a link to reset this.

And secondly as you know App Version 2.3.2 brought some issues with it, lagging and crashing especially when using Consuela’s Vaccum. These issues will be fixed in the next update which should be released very soon.

12 responses to “Game Resetting & App Version 2.3.2 Glitch Updates

  1. I am now all of a sudden (as of last night) getting Connection Lost when it’s not a connection issue (I can access sites on the Internet). I have version 2.3.7. It’s happens on iOS and Android. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and same result. After a few minutes in the game, Connection Lost screen pops up and I can’t progress. I opened up a ticket but they take a few days to respond and I’m losing time to complete tasks. Is there a way to force a sync to the server?



    • Few people have complained of this over last few weeks. Hope support can help. One player had success by nuking their town and putting everything into storage

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      • So nuking worked. Thanks for the suggestion. Fortunately, I only have buildings needed for the event so it was easy to rebuild. Unfortunately, I should’ve waited 15 minutes or removed buildings manually and left the bunny building that spits out eggs needed for other buildings because of the 8 hour timer that reset.


      • I spoke too soon. Nuking fixed for a few hours but now back to square one. I can’t progress so have to wait for support.


      • This was the response from Support: Thank you for taking the time to reach us, I’m sorry to know that you are having connection inconveniences with the game. I’ll be more than happy to help you.

        Thank you for reporting the problem. This is a known issue that we are currently looking into. I’ve passed your information to the team and we hope to have a fix soon. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

        Hopefully they will extend the end time. Not sure how widespread this issue is..


  2. Game is freezing. I tried to use Consuela vacuum. Gues that glich is not over yet?


  3. You also get the bottle cap statue and 50 free clams. And I noticed that my FF feature is now BACK!!! Yay!


  4. We should be able to “disable” Consuela and her vacuum. I have $50M stacked up and nowhere to spend it, it is doing no good for the players like myself that have been in the game since the very beginning.


    • Disabling the Vaccum will just leave you with buildings with coins over them and you’d need manually collect from them still


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