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Week 2 Challenge Tips and Tricks: Cowboy Yeti

UPDATE: We were able to verify in our game that if you defeat the Cowboy Yeti and THEN trigger the Challenge, defeating the Childish Yeti will still trigger the Challenge to complete (even though he is a step up and more HP). So it is up to you to reset the time and hit the Viking and Cowboy Yeti again or just continue and hit the Childish Yeti and defeat them to get the Challenge prize. 

Hello There Clammers!

Happy Yeti invading Phase 2 of Miracle on Spooner Street! By now the storm should be blowing in full force in the streets of your Quahog, as the Yeti has invaded the town! (and interrupted Mort’s Christmas shoppers!)

For the week 2 Challenge of Miracle on Spooner Street you’re required to defeat the Cowboy Yeti once in 4 days.  Now I know many of you are freaking out about this..and trying to do the math saying it’s not fair, it’s too hard, they force you to use clams.  Sound about right so far?  Well…i’m here to tell you to STOP FREAKING OUT!  Really…it’s not as hard as you think it is.

Let’s take a look at a strategic approach to beating the Cowboy Yeti and earning the Rupert Snowman!


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