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Greek Life Week 3 Hub (Week 3 is Live)

Hey guys, just  a quick note…It’s Memorial Day Weekend and I’ve got a million things going on.  So I most likely won’t be able to update y’all with posts this weekend…but I’ll do my best to continue to push comments here so y’all can help each other out.  Sorry…just a crazy weekend ahead for me!   Thanks for understanding! 🙂

Hello There Clammers!

Week 3 of Greek Life has launched!  To see it you will need to complete Give it Up to the Gods Pt. 9 and upgrade the fountain…

And because this worked out so well last week…we’re going to do it again this week!  This post is going to be your Hub for all things week 3 of the Greek Life Event.  Just like week 2, I’ll leave this post sticky’d to the top of the page.  So if you have a question/comment/concern/tip to share about Week 3 of Greek Life, this is the place to do it.

And just like last week, when we post the usual info I’ll link it in the post below.  So this post will continue to be your Hub for all things Week 3!


Let’s dive in with the FAQs…. Continue reading