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Some Tips to Get You Started

UPDATE: We’ve published the materials list (the stuff you need to collect in order to unlock characters) but it’s still from BETA testing.  So some of the items may change and how you unlock them.  But for now this should be a good starting point for everyone to see how to unlock certain characters.  You can find the “Stuff” page here

Hello There Questers! (so we’ll try this one out today, maybe we’ll do a poll later 😉 )

So the game is in fact LIVE in the app stores (iOS and Android…sorry Kindle friends!  Hopefully soon!)  and while we’re playing our game of what was in BETA/what’s in the actual game I wanted to provide you all with a few quick tips to help you get started through the first little bit of the game!

-Earn Money Faster:
During the first few parts of the game (after both Chris and Peter have reached level 2) you can earn a good amount of money by continuously making them play Fat Guy Leap Frog.  Do this BEFORE you clear Quagmire’s block, because at that point the task is only 6 seconds long.  So every 6 seconds you’ll earn 15 coins.  But after you clear Quagmire’s block the quest time will go up and it won’t be as beneficial.  So if you’re looking for a quick way to build up your cash bank while getting started, this is a good trick!

Having Trouble Getting the Game to Load:
Just like other App games we suggest trying the basic troubleshoot methods first if you can’t get it to load (or it crashes at start up).  Hard close the app and reopen it, if that doesn’t work restart your device.  Those should help trigger the game to start correctly.

Played the game in BETA?
If you played the BETA version of the game your progress will continue once you download the new game.  If you created an account you’ll need to sign into the account to get your game back, otherwise it will just appear when it’s downloaded.

Friends in Facebook:
Currently the ONLY way to add friends in this game is via Facebook (meaning your friends have to have the game and use Facebook to login too).  We’ll have a friend request page up shortly BUT we caution you to be careful how much real life information you give out.  You may want to consider making a Facebook account JUST for this game and not putting any personal information on it.  And yes, we’re not fans of the Facebook only rule right now.  Hopefully it will change soon!

-Play on Multiple Devices:
You can create an account via Facebook, Google + or just your email address.  Click the menu button (looks like 9 little boxes inside a box) and hit account info.  From there you can create an account via and of the above methods listed.  When you go to your other device just hit account info again and sign in (with the method you chose) and that should bring your town back up.

Ok, that it for now.  Should have more info up as soon as we confirm everything! In the meantime keep asking those questions, giving us feedback and anything else you can think of in the comments!  We’ll be here to help! 🙂

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