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Character Questline – God: For The Love Of God

I am the Power!!! And you will obey my Questline.

Ok then, guess we’d better get to it as God has finally come back into our lives, I mean our games, and he’s brought a questline to keep our idle fingers busy. 

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Guys In Black Character Profile – Flash God

Hey Addicts, let’s all get down on our knees and pray!!!

Yes praise be as Flash God is embracing the Lycra side of life as part of the Guys In Black Event. May his more boring alter ego God forgive him.

Let’s take a look at what Flash God can do in our silly lil games.
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Character Profile – God

Oh Lordy, look who’s back!!

Yes praise be as God is strutting back into town as part of the Guys In Black Event.

Let’s take a look at what God can do in our silly lil games.
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Do I Want That? Flash God, Mongo Sword Display & Flash Gordon Statue

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?



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Put A Lil God In Your Life!!

FYI: For those that didn’t get to Leaderboards on time or had issues and didn’t get to Claim God… Don’t worry. Spoke with TinyCo… Per their feedback any player that participated in the Leaderboards for the Raid to North Pole Event and DIDN’T Claim him will still get him. They’re working on it. 🙂

The top 3 Leaderboard prizes will be awarded in 4 to 7 days.


Hey there Heathens!

For all of you that have been sitting in anticipation… WE GOT GOD!! 40 Billion Snowflake Medals achieved!

That’s right Players, with access to them, now have the chance to go to the Leaderboards and Claim God! WOO HOO!!

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Raid to North Pole Main Questline: The Final Snowdown (Phase 5)

Hey there Nutcrackers!

Bouncing on by with the LAST Main Questline for the Raid to the North Pole Event. This Main Questline will take you through the final Phase 5 items and area.

Secret Spy Brian

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