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Bitch Fest 2014: Bitch Stewie and Brian Are Here! (Updated and Complete)

UPDATE BUNNY 2PM EST: And FAQ is back, and spawn rate is back. Lol. Nothing like having a great company watching and reevaluating issues. Making sure the game flow works properly. Not many other apps can say the same. 

UPDATE BUNNY 12:50PM EST: So the FAQ information just switched out, though I am still waiting for confirmation from TinyCo on this. It now says that it switches from 4 to 1 once you BEGIN unlocking Bitch Stewie. Instead of AFTER as it originally was reported. 

UPDATE: We know the clones seemed to have dropped to one after the collect 25. We did report it and will update once we get a response back.


Hello There Clammers!

Bitch Stewie and Bitch Brian have arrived in Quahog as part of the new limited-time weekend event!

2014-11-13 23.08.29

When you log into your Tiny Quahog you’ll see Peter have a task waiting for you…this will kick off Bitch Fest 2014!

More details coming…but for now know your first task is to build the Clone Machine…and it’ll cost you $1,000.

More details below the fold…

WARNING…Mild Spoilers below

Oh and just in case you’re confused…these are full characters, not skins.

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