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Peter’s Prohibition Party Character Questline – Johnny

It’s time to tinkle those ivories!

Oh yes, Johnny’s finally found his way to Quahog, and boy does he want to entertain you.

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Peter’s Prohibition Party Event Character Profile: Johnny

Here’s Johnny!!!

With this new Peter’s Prohibition Party event we are getting some new Characters like Johnny!

Let’s take a look at what Johnny can do in our silly lil games.

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Peter’s Prohibition Party – Chapter 1 Ending Soon

Hey there fellows addicts! Hic!

Just bouncing in to firstly apologise for the lack of posts the last few days, but I’m afraid I’m flying solo at the moment and having to pull all the info from my own game, which I play just like the rest of you. Basically at the moment Bunny isn’t around and I don’t have access to the test game where she pulls info fast, and Lotty is taking a break from the game, so as I say I’m basically only able to pull the info that my play dictates, and it’s been a slow grind this Chapter. I’ve got most of the Main Questline now so I’ll get that up and whatever else I can ASAP.

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Peter’s Prohibition Party? Where Are You Now

Hey there Addicts, so we find ourselves in the roaring 20’s, but unfortunately all the roaring seems to be directed at TinyCo as we’re all finding this Chapter 1 of Peter’s Prohibition Party tough going. So I thought with the countdown timer just hitting the half-way mark now would be a good time to ask how everyone’s doing.

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Peter’s Prohibition Party Is Live!

Woo Hoo there’s Whiskey Galore in this here game!!!

Yes, it looks like our time travelling is continuing, as instead of TinyCo dropping us back in modern-day Quahog after our excellent adventure we’ve instead landed in the roaring 20’s. I’m guessing with us all being prohibition rebels, their wont be a dry glass in the house, lol. !!

So raise your glasses to the latest Event Peter’s Prohibition Party!!

PETER’S PROHIBITION PARTY EVENT ENDS JUNE 28Th @3PM PACIFIC. (More info on the Chapters within the event below)

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