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Fast Times At Griffin High – Help Is At Hand

Like Oh My Gosh, Gag me with a Spoon…….. it would appear TinyCo are listening….

Yes it looks like TinyCo have learned a lesson or two from going back to High School and are trying to be the popular kid again by dishing out some lipstick to us Addicts.

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Fast Times At Griffin High: Science Experiments

Hey Addicts, they’re furry, they scurry and they’re in a hurry!!

Yes, rogue rodents are on the loose as the Griffin High Science Experiments have escaped into town, and they’ve got something we want, lipstick!!! So once again we need to clear an unwanted visitor to get what we want and here’s how we’ll do it.

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Septemberfest Character Profile: Angela

Hey there Sausage Lovin’ Beer Chuggin’ Lederhosens!

TinyCo has dropped into our games some Beer, Sausages, Beer, Barmaidens, Beer, Kegs of Beer, Beer O’ Clock Towers…. whooo… I’m getting a bit woozy.

With this fun Septemberfest Mini Event dropped into our games, we also get some New Characters/ Costumes. Characters like Angela!

Angela Pointing

Let’s take a look at what Angela can do in our silly lil games.

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