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District 10 Is HERE!!!

Update: The District Page has been updated to reflect District 10 being added.  With a quick link to all posts regarding D10 (of course it’s just this post for now…but as more is added they’ll go there).   You can also access the District page from the Menu via Tips and Tricks..then Districts.  There’s also a quick link on the sidebar that will show an image of Pawtucket Brewery District.  Remember you can go to the District Page to find details, characters, walkthroughs etc for previous districts.

UPDATE BUNNY: A lot of items will be resolved in the 1.6 Updates coming… unable to unlock characters, drop down menus (Go, Item Requires) in Pawtucket Brewery, and a few other patches… so keep an eye out for it later. 

As for Lois having TWO options to drop Dulcet Tones, here is what TinyCo said on it… 

this is working as intended! Lois’ longer action time has a higher chance of dropping the item, so players can choose between the shorter or longer time based on their own schedule.

So an intended option for players to get those drops at a higher rate for a lil longer task. The choice is up to you. 


Hey there all you Oompa Loompas!

Sorry for the delay on this one, both of us were traveling and I couldn’t get to a signal. Anywho… NEW LAND!!! District 10 is now open for you to start working on and clear. fg_stewiegriffin_chumbawumba

In order to start this, you would have needed to complete District 9 (Wild Wild West Mayor) and Jerome will start of the dialog to allow you to enter the new District 10 and start clearing land in “Home Brew”.

More details coming…so keep refreshing as we add them

Update Alissa…all of the details are below, including questline sneak peeks.  

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