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Wet Hot Quahog Summer Premium Character Questline – R. Lee Ermey & Sasquatch

Yes, the war may be over but for many clearing the Side Questlines has only just begun!!!

So welcome to a another portion of side Questlines, covering R. Lee Ermey & Sasquatch.

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Wet Hot Quahog Summer Character Profile: R. Lee Ermey

Now Hear This Addicts!!!

R. Lee Ermey has joined us in Quahog as part of the  Wet Hot Quahog Summer event.

Let’s throw you some information on what R. Lee Ermey can do in our silly lil games.

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Wet Hot Mystery Box

Hey Campers!

Whilst we’ve been distracted playing pranks and war games with our rival camps TinyCo has popped another Mystery Box into our lil Quahogs – the Wet Hot Mystery Box!

Now I know many of you are curious about the items inside and just what you are taking a risk to get by spending those precious 150 Clams, so let’s jump on in and take a closer look.

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