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Peter’s Prehistoric Park 101: Velociraptor Training & Leveling Up


Once upon a time, TinyCo tested out their new Family Guy Game in a BETA version. At that time it had some cool looking Dinosaur Park Movie Themed items. However, once the game went live to all Players… the Dino Park was no more. But fear not, it looks like a bit over 2 years later the Dinosaur Park Theme is now live in our games once again in the form of an Event.

With the New Event of course comes many many Questions on just how to go through each area of the Event. One of those Areas will be the Dinosaurs you hatch from the Event Area and their Training to help you progress.

In this post I will be going over the FIRST of the Dinosaurs you will hatch, the Velociraptor.


Let’s take a look at just what all goes into the Velociraptor and how he will help you out for the Event.  Continue reading