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Death At The Drive-In Main Walkthrough: Return of Death At The Drive-In & MORE

Hey there Psychos!!

And then there were TWO…

Phase 4 is in our games, which leaves us one more after this. So what goodies and new STUFF has TinyCo dropped into our silly lil games? More Friends, More Killers, More Ghosts, More… CAN’T SLEEP CRAZY CLOWNS WILL KILL ME!!!  hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….

With this New Phase 4 for the Event, comes many New Questlines. Questlines like the Main one for Week 4 of the Event, Return of Death At The Drive-In III along with some Bonus and Timed ones. 

Butcher's ChamberLet’s take a look at Return of Death At The Drive-In III, See No Evil and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading