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Returning Character Profile: Medusa Meg

Greetings Greecians!!

The fourth & final week of Greek Life event back in 2016 brought us some pretty cool new stuff and one of those things was the Medusa Meg character costume. And now she’s back in the Tales of Future Past Mystery Box I thought we would finally  bring you the profile that no one wants to look at, lol.


Let’s take a look at what Medusa Meg can do in our silly lil games. Continue reading


Tales Of Future Past Mystery Box

Hey there Risk Takers!

Whilst we’re all impatiently waiting for Quahog’s Excellent Adventure to go live in our games, TinyCo have dropped us a mystery box, the Tales Of Future Past Mystery Box.

Now I know many of you are curious about the items inside and just what you are taking a risk in getting by spending those precious Clams, so let’s jump on in and take a closer look.

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