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HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! The Giving Tree

Hey there Missle-Toes!!!

It’s Christmas Day here in the U.S.A and I’m taking a much needed break. (Don’t worry, I wrote this Christmas Eve.)

As we celebrate the Holiday with our families and friends, I just wanted to bounce by to say …


I really appreciate those that are still hanging round here at our silly lil blog, those making me laugh, and those helping me out to keep the site alive.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!

~Bunny (and my partner in crime… Alissa)

Bunny & Alissa Christmas Large

Now for some “Gifts” from TinyCo


For those of you that have not noticed yet, there’s a FREE Mystery Box in the Shopping Cart Menu that will give you 30 Free Clams. Make sure you pop in and grab them! 😉


There is a new offer that dropped in our games for Christmas. In order to see the offer, you will need Peter free. So just what is this offer?

Giving Tree
Peter Starts

Pt.1 Buy $9.99USD or more worth of Clams, get 125 Presents Free

Pt. 2 Buy $19.99USD or more worth of Clams, get 300 Presents Free

Pt. 3 Buy $49.99USD or more worth of Clams, get the Giving Tree.

GIVING TREE: Drops 12 Clams every 24hrs until January 31st 2016. Claim it IN Quahog, not the North Pole… and check your Inventory Storage for it to place it.

You have 24hrs to decide to take the full offer and complete all 3 parts or let it go.

Essentially if you completed this offer today, you could spend roughly $80USD (buying the minimum required), get 275 + 600 + 1600 = 2475 Clams. Then “The Giving Tree” would help you to get up to 456 additional Clams Free (38 days x 12 a day). Total of 2831 Clams for $80USD. On top of that you’ll get 425 Presents too.

Overall you’re getting discounted Clams. Paying about $1USD per 35/36 Clams (depending when you get the tree).

Remember this offer is there as a CHOICE. It’s up to you to take it. Don’t bother with negative comments either. This is a HAPPY HOLIDAYS Post. Anything negative will be sent to Scrooges trash bin. 🙂