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A Grimm Knight In Quahog Premium Side Questlines: Inigo, Minstrel Bruce, & Easter Bunny Peter

Hey there Rodents of Unusual Sizes!

It seems that we have taken a step into story time at the local library and are tossed into some Fairytale world with some fun and unusual Characters. There are Knights, Dragons, Magic Beans, and even Damsels in Distress.

With all the New Content brought into the game, we also have some New Side Questlines. The Character ones that are not really critical and usually carry on AFTER the Event is over. Questlines for Characters like Inigo Montoya, Minstrel Bruce, & Easter Bunny Peter.

A Grimm Knight Facebook Splash Screen

Let’s take a look at the Premium Side Questlines and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading