OMG Benedict Cumberbatch!!!


Just when you thought they were done, TinyCo has to go and send this Geeky Nerd Girl into a frenzy by adding not only a “Brit” to the game… but one with one of the most Mmmmmmmm voices out there. I give you, Benedict Cumberbatch. (Image can be found on @AppStore & @playfamilyguy) Benedict Cumberbatch

Be still my lil heart. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! He’s Khan, he’s Smaug, he’s Sherlock, he’s a Necromancer, he might be the coolest Dr. Strange, he’s… got a voice I could listen to for hours. ***sigh***

Now that I’ve got that out of my system, let’s look at this cool new Character.

He will pop into your Quahog and be available for the cost of 200 Clams. He will come with his M-Otter-Cycle. Lol. Once you place the M-Otter-Cycle into your town, he will appear with the lil unlock icon bouncing above his head. Tap on it to bring him live into your game and start him going.



Benedict Cumberbatch and M otter cycleBenedict Cumberbatch w/M-Otter-Cycle: 200 Clams. Cycle pays out at 6 HMV’s & 20 XP every 4 hrs.

Photobomb Selfies 8hrs Pays out Swimsuit
Search For Clues 10hrs Pays out Pepper Spray
Text Everyone 6 hrs Pays out Hate Hearts
Visit Hospital 6hrs Pays out Love Hearts

2 Outdoor Tasks and ALL his tasks will earn HMV’s

(p.s. His voice must have melted the system, no worries… they are working on it. It may go in n out or not there at all in the meantime.)

FYI… in case you haven’t noticed… VOICE IS HERE… and watch out, cuz apparently it will make you pregnant. HAHAHAHAHAHA. 

He DOES come with a questline, Pride and Benedict


Cumberbatch ManorCumberbatch Manor: 1000 Valentine’s, pays out at 10 HMV’s & 30XP every 8 hrs.


There you have it, ANOTHER awesome celeb dropped into our silly lil game courtesy of TinyCo. What do YOU think? Are YOU in love with his voice? Are you happy they brought him in? Like his M-Otter-Cycle? Let us know.



176 responses to “OMG Benedict Cumberbatch!!!

  1. How come I don’t see his mansion. I did when he first came to the game I went to buy the house but didn’t have enough HMV so it didn’t drop. Now I have enough HMV his mansion isn’t there. WTG?


  2. Does his mansion become available at a certain point? I have him but don’t see the house available…


  3. My Cumberbatch is invisible. Not sure how o fix it, and TC isn’t responding.


  4. “What fools these gamers be…” Yeah I got him just because he was Smaug…. So what, ya wanna fight about it???


  5. What can i make Bennedict Cumberbatch do?


  6. Weird my quest ended for him after part five yet I read it went to part seven. Has his quest gone to five or seven for you? Thanks


  7. Just this week I’ve being thinking that the only charácter I’m really hoping for is James Woods, but Benedict has being a wonderful surprise. I knew they were keeping something for the last phase xD


  8. If they offered him up with Arnold, then I would have purchased him. At this point, he’s not really needed for tasks, not sure I’m a fan enough of him to get him.

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  9. Why did he come out too late for his item drops to be any use?! I bought most other characters but I shall have to miss this one on grounds of low value.


  10. EEEEEEE!!! *fangirl flails*

    The only thing that would make this game more perfect now would be to get Joss Whedon, RDJ and Tom Hiddleston. *dreams a little dream*


  11. So when do I get him? I bought 200 clams – nothing. I’m on Level 6 – nothing. Something is supposed to pop up? Or is Android version different to Apple version?


  12. LMAO @ “my voice just made you pregnant”


  13. Had to capture this. The way Lois reacted…I immediately thought of Bunny lol


  14. Hi, im stewie… just a newbie n its a pleasure t join in…😊😊
    wanna thank bunny 4 all d help…🙇🙇🙇
    havent gotten any probs yet except some crashes now n then (not a big prob though) but is any of u guys notice tat ben cumberbatch (💖 him n got him)has got his voice back???? Super happy n loving tinyco 4 tiz….


  15. They did it to me again. But just a little bit this time, so I guess that’s progress 😉

    I bought Arnold just like I bought Bryan Cranston, only to see a nerd-girl-squeee charachter to come out and be the better deal.

    At least Arnie costs the same, not double, and his task is still useful, just not as good as BeCu.

    and while I have never had any desire to see any of the shows you name checked Bunny, I do agree that he will make an excellent Dr. Strange. As long as he ditches the brit accent (Hugh Laurie did it) and grows a dang mustache! 😉


  16. Is it only me seeing a ‘Benedict Arnold’ subtle underpinning, here? What’s up with that?


  17. And also bunny alissa good news I got Bonnies statue prize 1000 valentines pre ready for Cupid and il be having a go on the mystery box as I have almost got another 1000 so happy next to garanteed Cupid 🙂


  18. Got Cumberbatch. Will be using him mostly to farm hearts, like Arnie. Want to get his manor, but holding off, as I’ll probably need the valentines for Rupert boxes, since I probably don’t have enough time left to get Hot Meg (still 80 away from the Cupid Statue, and thus 430 away from Meg). A movie date guide would be nice, so I know who to send (currently have Babs and Carter on repeat at the coffee shop). The color change for the couples was nice, at least. Makes heart farming that much easier.

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    • Gillian and Brian gets you 7, neither have HMV earning tasks so just put them on repeat like Carter and Babs.
      Gillian and Bitch Brian gets 7 too if you have him, as does Gillian and Quagmire. But that keeps The Q Man, er, Q-Woman from chasing away perfume sprayers.

      However all three of those pairs give you a clam the first time as well!


  19. Imagine listening to Smaug’s voice while playing family guy… words can describe the feeling…if only I could afford him…wouldn’t it be awesome though if at some point they brought the actual Smaug into the game??like eh…the Comic-Con event? 😉 that’d be worth the clams!!


  20. Am I the only one that had no clue who this guy was? Even after I googled him and saw his picture. I thought he looked vaguely familiar, but still didn’t have the slightest clue who he was until I saw his IMDB list. I’m not even the slightest bit interested in getting him.


  21. Once you collect the last prize on the Affection Meter, can you still send characters on dates (and get the date prizes)? Most of them give hearts but I am going for broken hearts and I don’t want to be set back. Thanks


  22. I was 50/50 on getting Cumberbatch, since he is awesome…and I just got my clams up high again. But my wife, who is a fan of his, and loves the Patrick Stewart sound-bites in the game, said to do so. I don’t feel bad about this, since it is him. I look forward to hearing him, when they fix his voice.

    “You think your game is safe…it is an illusion…shall we begin?”


  23. LOVE IT. Seriously, you guys, I think he’s my most favorite premium character ever. ——-O_O——- (I can’t smile by the way)

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