Firefighter Character Profile: Sexy Firefighter Chris

Hey there Pyromaniacs!

Quahog is a blaze with fires. Nothing is safe. Even the streets and sidewalks are in flames. Everywhere you look… FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! As you put out the flames and battle Fire Creatures, you will collect Materials to get some additional Firefighters in the game.

So what does that mean? We need some “Sexy” Firefighters to come help put out all the flames, right? In this post we will be covering one of them, Sexy Firefighter Chris.

Sexy Firefighter Chris

Let’s see what this hunka burnin love has to offer.

Sexy Firefighter Chris came into our games with Phase 1 of the Firefighters Event. As with (almost) all characters in TQFS in order to unlock him you’ll have to collect STUFF.Sexy Firefighter Chris 2

Here’s a look at just what you will need to collect to bring him into your game.

Fire Extinguisher30 Fire Extinguishers (Common): Clear Brush Fire

Gas Can20 Gas Cans (Common): Clear Building Fire

Fire Axe7 Firefighter Axe (Uncommon): Clear Angry Fire

Suspender Straps10 Suspender Straps (RARE): Jerome Be a Superior Athlete OR Quagmire Enjoy Carrots OR Bruce Make Bathtub Gin OR Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets

He does come with a questline, Turn the Heat Up. More on that in the post HERE. You Got Sexy Firefighter Chris

Sexy Firefighter Chris is a part of “The Fire Squad” Character Collection in FaceSpace. Completing the Collection will earn you 25 ClamsThe Fire Squad

Sexy Firefighter Chris also comes with a complete set of tasks!  Tasks that will make you giggle (well… they make me giggle).

So let’s take a look at Sexy Firefighter Chris’ tasks:

Hose Em Down Hose Em Down 1 Sexy Firefighter Chris 1

Spray Brian

Task Length Earns Location
Examine His Firehose 1hr 20Family Guy Coin12Family Guy XP Griffin’s House
Dance Suggestively 2hrs 30Family Guy Coin20Family Guy XP Visual
Play with Fire 4hrs 50Family Guy Coin30Family Guy XP Griffin’s House
Hose ‘Em Down 6hrs 65Family Guy Coin45Family Guy XP Visual
Check Fire Alarms 8hrs 80Family Guy Coin50Family Guy XP The Founding Father
Spray Brian (Requires Fire Dog Brian) 12hrs 100Family Guy Coin65Family Guy XP Visual
Enjoy Ringing Fire Bell 16hrs 115Family Guy Coin75Family Guy XP Griffin’s House
Post for Firefighter Calendar 24hrs 150Family Guy Coin100Family Guy XP Griffin’s House

And that my friends completes  the character profile for Sexy Firefighter Chris!


What are your thoughts on Sexy Firefighter Chris? Do his tasks make you laugh? Do you have a favorite? Let us know.


32 responses to “Firefighter Character Profile: Sexy Firefighter Chris

  1. Getting bored with this one. Agree with jwoolman on creepiness.


  2. After getting Chris, and completing the storyline, is that it? I’m not buying Brian. I have no more quests related to this event. I thought seamus was going to have a skin?


  3. I’m not sure I want to unlock Chris the Firefighter. On the one hand, it’s nice that he has a useful job for once, he usually doesn’t get much respect. On the other hand- he’s a high school freshman and thus jailbait and the whole sexy thing seems creepy and too Herbert-ish. (Maybe Mr. Herbert is the one really behind all these annoying fires?) So I’ll probably pass on that. Plenty of other things to do. Buildings to build, waiting to see if the gas station explodes when it catches fire, counting the number of times Jerome gets trapped in a burning building (the man really is a fire magnet), etc. Have a bunch of bulls wandering around now (just got to the civic center, where they had been trapped) and so am trying to rescue Brian from the library since he’s needed to get them to moooove away. He won’t get his fire hat unless he pays for it himself, though.

    I worked to open the third and last freemium pole since fires seemed to be happening in threes and two firefighters couldn’t keep up. Now, of course, the fires often happen in fours… Tiny must really want me to pay for another pole! 🙂 Ain’t gonna happen. The fires, big and small, still make me nervous, reducing the effectiveness of the game as stress relief. I’m working on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Finally had to unlock Chris to get a chance at that cat stuck in a tree from the mystery box (a very familiar realspace scenario for me). Still feel kind of abusive. Will try to make it up to Chris with the nicer tasks.


  4. my gas can count isn’t going up to count toward making firefigther chris, staying at 1/20 no matter how many fires I put out, anyone else getting this?


  5. My gas cans keep dropping in quantity last night I had 19 then it said 18 which I got one more taking it back to 19 sent a firefighter to get me the last gas can then I had 18 again, this is getting a little upsetting


    • Try force close app and restart device. Report it from in your game


    • Are you by chance creating the fire captain or chief and not realizing you are using your gas cans?


    • This started happening to me yesterday. I tried force-closing and restarting to no avail. I contacted TinyCo. Twice. I had 19 cans that suddenly dropped to 15. Every time I get close to getting Chris, it pushes me back further.


      • Just watch, remember you use them to Train Create Captains and Chiefs. So make sure you are taking into account any of those you use as well. In the meantime, reporting it is good. So those impacted can have their games looked at.


  6. I unlocked sexy firefighter chris a couple of days ago, and won’t buy brian skin, too expensive/not worth it, and managed to clear all chris’ questilines. So, now I don’t have anything to do. Anyone knows when the seamus skin will be released?


  7. Huskerman1984

    I noticed this morning that the fire dog Brian task of chasing the fire truck doesn’t drop a fire chief hat anymore; also the fire chief didn’t drop a hat when he battled the blue fire monster.


  8. Got Chris yesterday, played his questline as far as possible and then decided that I don’t care about this event. Sent everyone on their 24h tasks and will check back tomorrow. If the next event is designed like this one or the next district comes with such a stupid design as the brewery where one had to craft so much junk just to get the collection tasks off the character menus I might even let it be completely.


  9. Is anyone else getting kicked off when you try to visit neighbors it’s been doing this since yesterday!


  10. just my guess but I bet when Shamus becomes available we will have to have that hundred and thirty-five clam fire guy to be able to get him I hope that’s not the case


  11. The hose in his pants made me laugh. It also reminded me of this Darwin Award:


  12. Is it taking forever for anyone else to unlock him? I feel like I’m nowhere close to it since I have to clear the other creatures with tools I need to unlock Chris… Should I just collect and unlock him first or keep working on the quests?


    • It is only 4 days into the Event. Go at a pace that works for you.

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    • moviebuff3000

      I myself went with getting as many extinguishers as possible (over 30) and then sent regular firemen to get gas cans enough to unlock the second ladder and then had the Captains get enough fire axes for Chris then stopped working on that and worked on the gas cans and suspenders. I unlocked him this morning. Now to work on finishing the quest lines off and get ready for Phase 2.


    • Work on Chris. When you have enough Gas Cans to make Captains split the training to create one of him and the standard fighter. During those 4 hours training the Captain, you’ll be able make 4 more Cans. Doing it this way you’ll get enough Axes to both unlock Chris and a third Pole in no time. I was able to unlock both today, though Chris should have been last night because I got zero Suspender drops when I only needed 1 more. Getting Suspenders was the only challenge, since everything but them are always drops.


    • I sent characters to get braces as priority 1, the focused on unlocking axe pole ASAP. With the 2 starter poles, just get gas cans as often as you can, then build the 4 hour fire fighters in pairs when you have enough. That gets you the 10 axes for the third pole pretty fast, then it is really quick to get the stuff for chris as you can have 2x 1 hour fighter and 1x 4 hour fighter going all the time to get the 20 gas cans and 7 axes for Chris.
      This also clears most of the non buildng quest tasks as you go, the rest of the character tasks for the quests don’t interrupt the gathering of stuff for the firefighters.

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