Firefighter Character Profile: Fire Dog Brian

Hey there Pyromaniacs!

Quahog is a blaze with fires. Nothing is safe. Even the streets and sidewalks are in flames. Everywhere you look… FIRE FIRE FIRE!!! As you put out the flames and battle Fire Creatures, you will collect Materials to get some additional Firefighters in the game.

So what does that mean? We need some Firefighters to come help put out all the flames, right? In this post we will be covering one of them, Fire Dog Brian.

Fire Dog Brian 2

Let’s see what this polka dotted fire hound has to offer us.

Fire Dog Brian snuck into our silly lil games a bit over 3 days into the Firefighters Event that will run for 2 weeks. Fire Dog Brian 1

He popped up in the Shopping Cart Menu as a Character Costume. His cost (found in Al’s) was 210 Clams.Fire Dog Brian Menu Icon

Fire Dog Brian Al's

He does come with a questline, Dog Day Afternoon. More on that in another post. You Got Fire Dog Brian

Fire Dog Brian is a part of “The Fire Squad” Character Collection in FaceSpace. Completing the Collection will earn you 25 ClamsThe Fire Squad Brian

Fire Dog Brian also comes with a complete set of tasks!  Including a task that will help you earn Fire Chief Hats. Fire Chief Hat

So let’s take a look at Fire Dog Brian’s tasks:

Fire Dog BrianSpray Brian Chris

Task Length Earns Location
Pee on Fire Hydrant 1hr 20Family Guy Coin12Family Guy XP Griffin’s House
Brag to Women 2hrs 30Family Guy Coin20Family Guy XP Drunken Clam
Write Firefighter Television Pilot 6hrs 65Family Guy Coin45Family Guy XP Griffin’s House
Drink from Fire Hose 10hrs 90Family Guy Coin59Family Guy XP Griffin’s House
Bark at Truck 12hrs 100Family Guy Coin65Family Guy XP /Fire Chief Hat Fire Chief Hat Visual
Spray Brian (Requires Sexy Firefighter Chris) 12hrs 100Family Guy Coin65Family Guy XP Visual
Get “Blazed” 16hrs 115Family Guy Coin75Family Guy XP Griffin’s House
Post for Firefighter Calendar 24hrs 150Family Guy Coin100Family Guy XP Griffin’s House

And that my friends completes  the character profile for Fire Dog Brian!

For those that picked him up, was there something in particular you liked about him ? Do you like his tasks? Do you have a favorite? Let us know.


22 responses to “Firefighter Character Profile: Fire Dog Brian

  1. After reading repeat questions I ask Why should we continue to play this game? I myself have spent plenty of money for clams only to have useless characters, events that can not be finished due to Tiny co.’s continuing technical difficulties and having to purchase characters in the first place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thats exactly my thoughts. I have characters bonus or reg, and when a new event comes they arent even useful in any preceding quest following getting it. I enjoy the app but not 100 characters and only 6 actually help me and then im timed so I have to spend money no I dont ill jus not play till a better quest comes. That way i still enjoy the actual gameplay. Thank you


  2. I bought him and love him for me because he is cute and I wanted the extra story line, but its deffinately not a must have. Those choosing not to purchase are not missing out on much. Chris costume is way better with his dance and all.

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  3. Andrew Stokes

    210 clams just for a costume/skin? That’s a con!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If you have to pay for him why is he in the costume shop. To date only things that need to be collected for have been there. He should be in the buy menu only. I feel like you are trying to cheat.


  5. 210 clams is way too much. I am going to pass on this one.


  6. I would have to agree with most people about Fire Dog Brian being too expensive. I’ve bought a lot of premium characters in the past only for them to be worthless after the event. Santa Claus is left to watch movies, John McCane is left to search the elevator shaft, etc… If Fire Dog Brian was 120 clams, I and many others probably would buy the skin. But, I’m also going to pass and wait until the next event. I’m waiting for Cleveland to come back so I can complete the set.


  7. My friends and I are boycotting this event because of having to pay to get Fire dog Brian. We really love this game but that’s just not fair.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. What do you do with the black firehats?


  9. Have ya’ll heard when the next part is coming? I need my little wooden fireman, lol (oh, the irony, Seamus).


  10. Have ya’ll seen anything about when we are getting Seamus? I’m finished with envy thing but Brian since I didn’t buy him, and am eager to get my little wooden fireman (oh, the irony, Seamus).


  11. I play this game daily && already have every character up to firefighter Chris. Now I don’t personally think fire dog Brian is even worth over 200 clams.. he should at least have been able to get by earning items like Most every other main character in the game. Money for Just one skin That’s mainly useless after this event is not worth saying for. Might as well have paid for Chris and seamus as well?? I do really enjoy the game and can say I’m addicted it does get your mind off things for awhile. But I refuse to spend money on items in an even that will be useless after It’s over. Same goes to the star trek event as well.


  12. shannon rowell

    Thats kinda why they spend all their time coming up with ideas and creating all this content for us. They do need to make money too.


  13. I did get Brian and I am still working on unlocking Chris and Brian also came with a 6 hr task write the TV pilot that dropped the suspenders. I thought his spots were too cute to pass up😊 Have a great evening and as always thank you guys for all the helpful info.


  14. His duel task with Chris is not worth it as its payout is equal to his Bark at Truck task minus fire chief hat. Usually they have a better payout for duel task since it takes up two character’s time. OH well another reason to pass up this skin.


  15. How do you get fire dog Brian.


  16. I really wanted Fire Dog Brian but not willing to pay premium for him. Shame really that they are charging for character skins.

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