Mobsters Weekend Update: Mr. Miyagi & Gangster School Girl Tricia

Hey there Mafioso!

In true TinyCo fashion, a VERY late night drop into the games has brought some additional fun into our Mobsters Event.

Mr. Miyagi & Gangster School Girl Tricia have just been added into our silly lil games.

Mr Miyagi Gangster School Girl Tricia

More Details Coming….

TinyCo just added a Premium and Freemium Style Character/Costume to our games. Now just what are they here for? Let’s take a look.


Mr. Miyagi

This awesome guy, sadly has passed on in the real world, but has a fond place in my heart. So of course I bought him right up.

Just what do you get for 200 Clams? Well you do get a fully tasked Character with a Questline, Sweep the Leg, to help with Mob Rep and Cookies but there is more….

Sweep the Leg Part 1

As soon as you buy Mr Miyagi, two things happen…

Senior Gurl ScoutGinger Haired Senior Gurl Scouts appear in your town hauling a wagon of cookies. (More details below)

Italian Assassin ShootingA NEW Italian Assassin Goon Appears in Copahavana. He will be used to get rid of the Senior Gurl Scouts. (More details below)

He is Voiced. Currently, it sounds like clips from Karate Kid. He also will help drop Tommy Guns for the Itallian Assassins (Always), Skirts for Tricia (Rare), Tape of Mr Sulu Show (Rare). ALL his tasks were instantly ready to use. No leveling up needed for any of them.

Tommy GunSkirtTape of Mr Sulu Show



Gangster School Girl Tricia

This sassy chick now comes complete with a new outfit. It’s about time. Now just what do you need to create her Costume?

Gurl Scout Cookies20,000 Gurl Scout Cookies

Meteor Hammer5 Meteor Hammer (Extra Rare): Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash OR Meg Practice Bird Calls OR Police Department

Skirt18 Skirt (Rare): Brian Sneak a Drink OR Yacht Club OR Mr. Miyagi Practice Crane Kick OR Clearing Senior Gurl Scout

Jacket15 Jacket (Rare): Dr. Hartman Test Experimental Drugs OR Seamus Emerge from the Shadows OR James Woods High



Italian Assassin and Senior Gurl Scout

After buying Mr. Miyagi, you will see the Ginger Haired Gurl Scouts **Poof** onto your Quahog Streets. Each one will Require One Italian Assassin Goon to take them out. The Reward will be Cookies and a Chance at Skirts for Gangster School Girl Tricia.

How do you Hire an Italian Assassin Goon in Copahavana? Each one requires ONE Tommy Gun.

Tommy GunTommy Guns (ALWAYS): The Fatfather Fire Tommy Gun OR Mr. Miyagi Catch Flies with Chopsticks OR Cleveland Jr Beat It

Italian AssassinEach Italian Assassin Goon  takes to 1hr 30mins “HIRE” in Copahavana

Find a Ginger Haired Senior Gurl Scout in town, tap on her, and start the “RAID”. If you do not have one ready, it will tell you to go “HIRE” one.

Clear Senior Gurl Scout

Pay Outs varied of +50 Mob Rep & Skirt, +50 Mob Rep & 40 Cookies

Fedora Mob RepSkirtGurl Scout Cookie and Fedora Mob Rep



Side Note: You CAN use the Italian Assassin in Fort Nox. He will do Damage of 15 and Payout 30 Mob Rep per Assassin.

Fort Nox Goons


Still working out a few more details, but there are the basics of it. What do you think? Are you going to add Tricia of your list of “To Do” by the end of the Event? Did you pick up Mr. Miyagi? Do you have a sudden urge to go wax some classic cars? WAX ON! WAX OFF!! Let us know



146 responses to “Mobsters Weekend Update: Mr. Miyagi & Gangster School Girl Tricia

  1. I am close to 20000 cookies now, just wondering if I unlock her, does she spit out any mob rep for the unlock? Or would I be better off spending 5000 on another crane?


  2. Does Gangster School Girl Tricia have a quest line if you complete her? If so, what are the payouts? Also, what are her actions and their payouts? I can’t seem to find any info anywhere on her other then requirements to unlock her.


    • Because we’re humans, not machines. And regular people, not independently wealthy. We have to work to unlock her, just like you do. Patience it’ll be up soon…


  3. I just bought Mr. Miyagi and there are no redhead girl scouts or the option for Trish’s outfit (I have looked in Al’s, the shopping cart, everywhere!). Do you need to have passed a certain point in the event to have them show up? I noticed others had the problem, but no one followed up with if they found the characters or not. Can someone help clarify why they aren’t showing up in game? Thanks!


  4. Wax Monster X

    Very slow event. WILL NOT SPEND $$$ FOR CLAMS, so it’s pretty hopeless. Fun anyway, just disappointing


  5. Gangster School Girl Tricia’s cookie requirement is ridiculous. I’m not saying it’s not easy enough. I’m saying 20,000 cookies is unrealistic.


    • Very similar to every Event they put out.


      • Huge fan of the sight, but that is comical. I have acquired every freemium character available through events and $20k is not congruent with event currency requirements of the past. To pretend it is is disingenuous and frankly a little patronizing.


        • Then I guess these NEVER happened?

          Kingdom Event, King Butt 100,000 Moon Idols (Event Currency)

          Comic Con Event, George Takei 100,000 Blam! (Event Currency)

          Christmas, Jesus 15,000 Cookies (Event Currency) + Stockings

          Star Trek, Captain Kirk 15,000 Dilithium Crystals (Event Currency)

          Now… Mobsters, Tricia 20,000 Cookies (Event Currency)

          To come to our site and make a comment that our cold hard facts are “pretend” is kinda mean and patronizing, don’t you think? It’s not like we pull these numbers out of the air. Instead of patronizing me for offering a player information based on our personal game experience on the Events since the game launched, why not allow us to help people… you know… like we do. 😉


          • The obvious difference being the discrepancy in which event currency is earned (seems to be not nearly as quickly in this event). TinyCo themselves have admitted to not getting event currency accumulation right in previous events, usually too much. Then we get bonus ways to spend accrued currency. I fail to understand how my comment affects this sight helping other people with the event.


            • Like I said, your comment said I was “pretending” and “patronizing”. It was a direct jab against US. We are NOT TinyCo nor will we ever be, so to take out anger or frustration on US for a game we do NOT control is pretty unfair. It was a simple answer, you turned it into a direct “put down” to me for just offering simple facts. Just providing stats/facts has NOTHING to do with how the Event runs.

              Every single time since this game has been introduced I see complaints of “too hard” for that last item. Every single event. Also, every time… I have seen some element towards the end that helps Players achieve those goals for the last item.

              Short story long, again… do not use OUR site or OUR comments as a personal soap box to vent about TinyCo. If you do not like what they do, take it out on them. Not us. Meanwhile… I will stick to the facts… which I offered… which regardless how you break it apart are still accurate. Your response to me helping was not appropriate or called for. 🙂


        • I agree that the cookie requirement for Trisha is not in line with previous events. I’ve played in the Halloween event and have easily acquired each character with days to spare (buying just one or two characters with clams to help, but never an event currency generator). This event I always feel behind yet I’m grinding away like never before. After I pay for Lois’ skin I’ll be 16k cookies short of Trisha still, and the last week of this event will probably require cookies for buildings and Bonnie. So yes, this event is more difficult to acquire the final character.


    • I honestly believe they made it that high to try to bait us into buying clams to get the cookie conveyors. This event is just a way for them to get as much money as possible. I’m on this game every 2-3 hrs everyday and I’m still like 2 days behind on the event.


  6. How does anyone have 20,000 cookies already for Ganster Tricia?? I only have 6,800 and that’s only because I spent $9.99 for the 5,000 cookie bonus! I send all my characters on quests that earn cookies and do the Fort Knox quest and still not even remotely close..Any tips or advice that I’m missing here??


    • Honestly, game play. It all depends on how often YOU are in your game. What tasks you are constantly sending Characters on. Questlines finished. Raid completed. How many Trucks & Gurl Scouts you have taken down, how often you collect on Buildings, etc.

      On top of that… Clams. If you purchased additional help from Cookie Conveyors, Mystery Box won Cookie Conveyor, additional Buildings that drop Cookies, etc.


  7. Tricia’s outfit was pretty easy to collect for. i had everything for her prior to bedtime last night but am holding off on creating her as i only have 22,000 cookies and know i’ll need a chunk for tonight’s next upgrade.


  8. 20.000 for Tricia?? Noooo that is waaay too much… I’m happy if I can get 2.000 to spare

    Hope they change that


  9. I got Mr miyagi showing in event line up but no girl in sight also can’t upgrade the mob house anymore just got Jr. After a very long time also changing the way you get the items


    • Remember they wander roadways… so if you have any hidden you may not see them. Try to keep the roads where you can see them.

      Reports from TinyCo checking games are that the Scouts ARE there in the game, you may just not be seeing them.


  10. Why can’t I find Tricia? Was her costume time limited?


  11. Really on the fence about Mr Myiagi. How long is his task to drop sulu tapes?


  12. And now the 24 hour quest is dropped and so many of us are having a difficult time with Cleveland jr & you need him to complete it 😦


    • Do you have him in your game? If not, did it still trigger?


      • I was still at 6/20 Tubas for Cleveland Junior when the quest popped.
        Did not even bother trying for it to be honest. Put in several support tickets already on the tubas. (Never liked that brass instrument anyways)


  13. I’m trying to unlock Mr. Washee Washee and Cleveland Jr., but whenever I try to send the luchadors to the fake Girl Scouts, they never drop the tuba or dirty clothes. Even when I click on the Girl Scouts, there is no icon that shows that they can even drop the items for them. I’m wondering if this is happening for anyone else or is mine just broken. Thanks.


  14. I still can’t unlock Cleveland jr. these trumpet drops are non existent


  15. 20,000 cookies is extreme but I like how all the other can be cleared by characters that are so far useless in the event. Bar Joe. You just keep offering ‘protection’ Joe. That’ll do.


  16. 20000 cookies, are you kidding me? I don’t even have 2500 to get Fort Knox yet. This event is full of stuff that seems impossible to obtain. I have yet to get a tuba to drop from the scouts. I have tried 30+ times and still nothing. I think I am wasting my time with doing stuff and feel like giving up. I was in the top 16000 for the Golden Stewie, now I find myself in the top 48000, what am I doing wrong?


    • Just keep Playing. The Mechanics of the game change Weekly. There is so much more in the game then the ONE prize in Global Leaderboards. So focus on the rest and see where you are when it is actually closer to the end of the Event. 😉


  17. How are the rest of you doing?
    I got Mike and Mr Miyagi as Premiums.
    For Freemiums, all I have left to unlock is: 2 more shirts for Mr Washee, and still working on Tricia. (everyone else is done: Fatfather Peter, Diabeto, Cleveleand Jr, Fight Promoter Cleveland, Kingpin Consuela).

    From the looks of it so far, we still got skins to go for Lois, Brian and Bonnie (zoot suit Stewie, and Don if you get that high on the leaderboards)
    I can’t wait to see who else is going to get added. They need to make a facespace group for them.

    Anyone know when/how to unlock the Mob Wife Beauty Parlor? Also any info yet for the additional raids?


  18. Does claiming individual prizes knock down your mob rep on the leaderboard as well? I’m on the fence about Mr. Miyagi, but if it does bring your total down, then I’m thinking I might purchase him after all…


  19. This whole event I feel was a way for tinyco to make a profit. And it feels purposely rigged that unless u spend your money on stuff then your not going to get stuff any other way. I.e. All the issues with tubas, crashes, etc. but guess it makes sense that way nothing in this world is ever really “free”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No disrespect, but the whole point of this game is for Tinyco to make a profit. Premium players are the sole reason everyone consistently gets new content. They are here to make money, bottom line. I think they are pretty generous overall. It’s either this or bring on the ads…


  20. I was wondering how many cookies for Tricia thanks. It seems Tinyco will have my money come July 2 when I am able to buy clams. I defiently would like him for sure. Mike is not worth getting to me. I am also interested in the japan arcade and possibly the slammer also. I sure do wish the chainsaw goon would walk around and do hacking motions with the chainsaw.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Magilla_84131

    So, I just started playing about a month or so ago. And this is my first full event. I just had a question. After the event is over, will we still be able to keep the mansion/pool/fountains and all that? Or does all of that disappear at the end of the event?


    • Only if they are offered as Decorations/Buildings in a mystery box. Otherwise the “Event Area” disappears and is replaced when the next big event comes along


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