Daily Archives: October 10, 2015

Death At The Drive In Phase 2 Known “Issues”

Hey there Scaredy Crows!

Seeing a lot of the same thing in the comments, so bouncing in to put it all in one spot and hopefully answer many at one time.

So if YOU are having an issue, please look at ALL the info below to see if it applies to what you are running into.

Consuela Technical Support Bunny Glitch
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Sneak Peak Chucky Teaser!!

Hey there Horror Flicks!

I just wanted to bounce on by to give you a glimpse of things to come for the Death at the Drive-In Event.

This is a really cool Image that TinyCo/FOX has released to Promote the Event. I really like it. I would actually LOVE to have it in poster form myself!! I would even be Giggity giddy to have it on a Blanket on my bed!!

Chucky & Stewie

What do you think of it? Do you want a Poster or Tshirt of it? Getting excited to see or get Chucky in your game? Who would win… Stewie or Chucky in Evil Baby Contest? Let us know.