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Hey there Slashers!

Bouncing by really quickly to let you know that Phase 4 launch will be delayed. Most like around 12hrs. So 7-9AM Pacific 10/23 (Tomorrow).

So keep on earning those items you want. Work on the Characters you want. As I will be in training on location at my new job, I may not get all the details right out… but I at least will give you the General basics of ANY Phase release below.

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Death At The Drive-In Poll RESULTS: Where are You? (Phase 3)

Hey there I Scream -ers!!

Yesterday I wanted to do a Poll to get a better feel for where everyone was at in the game before Phase 4 hits our games later this Evening (AFTER 3PM Pacific, usually between 6-9PM). This will help us all get an idea of where we may be in our own Game Play compared to others as well as some thoughts on the Event aspects.

Killer Stewie

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