From the Mouths of the Addicts Asylum

Hey there Screamereenos!

I had an Emergency situation come up last night and will be away from the site until later tonight. Due to this, the posts I was working on for you will be delayed. Please understand the situation and hang in there with me. I will get more out later.

To keep you tide over, I had one of our really cool long time Addicts Readers submit some personal thoughts on the overall game and Event I was saving, but will put it up now.

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From the Mouths of the Addicts Asylum…

Reader Russian Tigger

At first I was afraid, I was terrified

Yes along with the feeling of excitement over a new event there came a feeling of dread as the latest event is Halloween, and so far it has not disappointed in any of those ways. After a gentle introduction to Death at the Drive-In, the arrival of the week 2 update saw things go mad, very mad.  And I thought for a little change and to give our demented Bunny a little break it might be fun for you to step into the head of another addict and see their twisted thoughts on the event so far.

The first thing you will see is nuns, vampires, bats, werewolves all running amok in Quahog, and I can’t get them out of my head never mind my town. I sat and devised an evil plan to banish them all only to turn round and they’re back, now I know why my tiny brain was saying don’t look now.  But with all this evil running loose I have been pleasantly surprised at how I am building up soda from bats and werewolves, they do drop at a decent rate. The nuns are kind of getting free reign as my characters are trapped as werewolves and unable gather water, I’m not sure this was part of TinyCo’s cunning plan so hopefully they will sort this out before evil nuns start bursting out our devices and taking over the world.

Unholy Nun

I must admit the vampires and bats were a sneaky move, as at first I thought crikey this is easy just tap a vampire and poof it’s gone,but  then I saw bats fly in all directions. And like in all good horror movies I froze for a moment, panic set in as to how I would defeat this new foe that was spreading its wings in all directions.  After a few minutes of being as demented as Renfield my Van Helsing gene kicked in and I started to devise a new plan which sees me tap the 4 vampires as they leave the movie screen, then release my garlic breath, I mean bomb, at the gateway to the event area and voila it’s like  taking a giant stake to their hearts, 12 bats every time.

Garlic Bomb

As I said before my nuns are still on the run, and I can’t help but hope that TinyCo took the idea of water bombing them from my Wizard of Oz event plan that was on this very site, but even if they didn’t I love this as it takes me back to my water ballooning childhood. And in this event when you activate those crosshairs there is nothing quite like seeing the colour purple.

However with the update came some real frights as our slow scream points suddenly hit warp speed and this saw us flying up the levels, not a bad thing until we saw the increases in soda and popcorn that came with it, but please fellow addicts take a deep breath and carry on as it’s not as bad as it looks if you get the werewolves spawning.

But with this something else wicked this way comes, yes a new page of items in the Movie Projection Booth and access to them is blocked until you clear Page 1, this in many ways was a slasher bait type mistake by TinyCo in my opinion, I’d like to have seen bit more choice on what to exchange our reels for and ability to skip an item if you wished. Instead this has left many feeling trapped with no way out, but wait, look closer and there is a fail safe built in by TinyCo. Yes the high reel costing  page finale items, Slasher Cat and the High School Skin come with 24 hour timers, now at first I saw these as something to dread and avoid until I had enough reels but now I see another side to them, if you don’t want spend or just cant gather that many reels then just activate the timer, let it run down and you can pass over……. to the next page.  It’s what I am going to do with the High School skin, just not worth 300 reels for me.  This missing out on an item is now okay in my head after being locked out during the mobsters event, missing those items broke the completion curse I suffered from since starting this game.

Guidelines pic Cant we all just get along 3

Talking of that curse, it’s like something that spread through us addicts like an all consuming OCD plague, previously rational people become crazies as they try to have it all.  But I think I’ve found the cause of said plague, and it’s actually quite simple, when FGQFS came out too many of us, myself included, expected an evil doppelgänger of another game, The Simpsons – Tapped Out but it’s NOT. This game is an entirely different entity, although thankfully not the entity that possessed Barbara Hershey. Whereas Tapped Out has always had a clear division between what you need to pay premium for and what can be done freemium, their events can be completed freemium if you tap, tap tap your life away but this is not the case with FGQFS. This game is more of a basketcase hybrid of premium and freemium, there is a grey area and events are not neatly set up like in Tapped Out. However for me this makes them more exciting and less repetitive than the Tapped Out events, Here there are more rewards for being a premium player, and not everything in an event will be achievable by freemium players, you just  have to grind away and do the best you can, and you will still gather a lot of stuff. Sometimes a little clam spend can be enough for you to have it all but sometimes it isn’t and as someone who plays both premium and freemium depending on the event and content, I honestly hold no grudge against the big premium players who fund the game getting that little bit extra. If you tie yourself up in thinking it’s unfair that you can’t get everything playing freemium all you will do is drive yourself mad, turning into Jekyll andHyde and forgetting to enjoy playing the game. To date I’ve only bought Michael Myers but am plodding away, quite happy to see where I get to, and having already decided I will probably skip the High School skin has taken the pressure from my play.

Mike Myers

I’ve some clams banked but only because I’m hoping one my all time favourite characters, Pinhead, is going to pay me a visit, well my game a visit, not sure I’d want a personal one. However a sneak preview on this site shows my dream is not imminently about to come true instead it’s my nightmare that will be entering the game next. That evil Chucky, crikey he’s right up there in my fears with Jesters, I think I was the only kid scared to watch Rent-A-Ghost, and to this day I wonder what the hell my lovely gran was thinking when despite knowing my fear she gave me a Jester for Christmas, I can still see its evil face laughing at me as I excitedly unwrapped him and froze. But being a gift from my beloved gran I had to keep him, just not in my room, he lived in, probably still does, the big cupboard. The only thing I’ve seen recently that freaks me as much as that is my nieces doll that is voice activated to turn it’s head towards you when you speak, The Exorcist anyone.

Well my ramblings are becoming  that of a madwoman but just wanted to share my thoughts on the event to date, and I’d also like share with you the characters I’d love to see make an appearance in the upcoming weeks, for me I’d love to see Bub, Jack Torrance (imagine a Here’s Johnny task), Leatherface (although he’s perhaps the weekly challenge decoration prize), Hannibal Lecter, and of course a few female characters would be very welcome, how’s about Sadako, Helena Markos, Carrie, although I thing Mrs White is the scary one.

So fellow addicts what do you think, what characters would you like to see? Are you enjoying this horror movie event? Does anyone else see little Christopher Lees when the vampires wander out or is just me? Are you enjoying adding to your cast of horror  characters, we already had Freddy & Jason last year. I’d love hear other addicts thoughts on the event but jeepers creepers not the torch and pitchfork comments, if you have those please take them to What the Deuce, or if you feel need drop a load of f-bombs I think you will be happier of the FGQFS Facebook site.  Here I just want hear the crazy and fun thoughts of addicts, do any of you have drive-in memories to share, we don’t have them in Scotland, but over here we call soda ginger. Strange but true. What’s your favourite horror movie or character, oh and finally did  anyone notice how many movie titles I dropped into these ramblings.

~Russian Tigger


54 responses to “From the Mouths of the Addicts Asylum

  1. Angelindizquise

    Any idea if they will be bringing past characters back missed out on Jason last year and need him to complete character mission to get those darn clams. Hate having things unfinished


  2. I think that was a great explanation….I couldn’t say it better myself. I really hope The Leprechaun makes an appearance. Also that they bring Freddy back since I missed him last year bc I didnt start playing until Christmas. Happy Gaming Clammers…..


  3. Considering how difficult it is to get Patty and SBLois, it sure would be nice if they dropped something helpful like silver or garlic. The same goes for the Swanson house skin. I won’t know if the school skin is helpful since I’m just ignoring that one and saving reels for round 3.


  4. DemonicElectronic

    The cenobites have always been my favorite horror movie “villains”, I wanna see Pinhead come to quahog and engineer some real pain and pleasure for its denizens!

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  5. How many characters are on the master character list?


  6. I think the main problem with defending the event by saying “you can’t get everything” is that it misses the main problem with the event. In the last part of the main quest line for this week you are required to have slasher bait Lois to proceed. No one but high rolling clammers and hackers will have her by Thursday, especially the people who spent their reels on Slasher cat not realizing that the reel cost was going to double along with the exchange rate in week 2. So this isn’t extra stuff, it’s the main quest.

    I don’t want this post to devolve into a WTD post because I know you people have nothing to do with the game and I greatly appreciate your posts and input. But especially in a post reviewing the event and your opinion of it so far, I’d like to see what you think of this issue.

    The exchange rates have increased substantially since week 1. I currently exchange 50 sodas for 10 reels. I have 5 characters(once the cat hits level 6) who can get cannons every 6 hours. So that’s approximately 15 collections per day at 8 sodas each so 120 sodas. If we assume a massive amount from bats and round up to 150 sodas that’s 30 reels per day. In a 7 day week, ignoring the fact that the week started 18 hours late and ignoring the fact that werewolves don’t spawn immediately, that’s 210 reels.

    That barely gets me through the first line of the booth. It comes nowhere near Lois.

    Since day 1 of this week, it has been mathematically impossible to finish on time unless you use clams(a lot of clams) or had a bunch of reels saved up(meaning you didn’t get slasher cat).

    This is the issue I have. We’re not talking about extras or not getting everything. We’re talking about not even finishing the main quest line. And at 30 reels per day, I don’t expect to finish the main quest line until at least 2-3 days into the next week. And I’d wager all my clams that it’s likely that’s still ahead of the majority of people. If the same thing happens next week, no one will reach week 4 by the 5th.

    Again, this is not a complaint post or a knock on FGA. I love you guys and value your opinion and would love to hear what you think of this situation.

    And to end on a positive note, I PRAY that they bring back Freddy because I’d drop 500 clams easy on him. RIP Wes.

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    • People give up too easily is actually the problem. I gave up on reading your post because it was much longer than I thought and people give up a day after a new stage is released. I’m freemium and all I need is the witch tree and lois. Maybe I won’t get it until Thursday night but that’s not bad, and I’m freemium. So I’ll finish your post and everyone else should finish the event


    • My thoughts are quite simple on this Billy, I see Thursday’s as update night but I don’t seem them as the dealine to have completed the previous content. I don’t worry if I’m day or two behind. I’ve only bough Michael Myers so far but strangely despite this being my only clam drop I think I will unlock Slasher Bait Lois tomorrow. I see the High School Skin as one for the big spenders, and to be honest even if I had the 300 reels I doubt I would get it.

      I think there is a general panic to have everything finished before new stuff is released and believe me I understand this as folk think they will fall behind, but I just chill out and see where I end up. I think we now live in a very “want it all, want it now” society but I for one just want what I can get playing the game my way. Most folk play different with regards time they put in, this is not kind game you can pop in once or twice a day and progress well. I think it does require lot of time put in, and I for one put my hands up and admit I probably put too much time in it, but hey I like the challenge and I’m still enjoying the game, until that changes i will keep grinding away.

      But I did say in my post I felt TinyCo put too many items in the booth, my opinion on that hasn’t changed and I hope we will see less in coming weeks, but if not then it is what it is and I will just keep trying my best. But I will message feedback to TinyCo at end of the event and hope others will to. Thanks for your thoughts, I wish you all the best Billy, I hope you get Slasher Bait Lois and don’t look back.


  7. You just put my thoughts into words. Except I want chucky and not pinhead. I too was broken by the mobster event lock out. Contemplated quitting real hard, but I was compensated and had a change of heart. It no longer bothers me not to finish.


    • You want Chucky, ok I think I better be nice to you then. Always nice to see players get what they want in the game but when it comes to Chucky I think be careful what you wish for…… *cue creepy music*


  8. … That was random; just went into my game and i saw a gold unlocked lock (like when you just unlocked a character) and when i tapped it, it said you unlocked bitch brian. The random thing is I already had him and when i tapped on him he was still full level like he was before.


  9. Awesome post. And i have seen a lot of people wanting to have pinhead in their games. Well good news i saw a promotional image ( i think on facebook) for tqfs and pinhead is definetely on the way; just not sure when yet.


  10. I’m new to the site and not one for commenting, but just want to send well wishes to you, Bunny. I appreciate the site and don’t begrudge you taking some time to take care of things that are more important than a game. Hang in there and I hope everything is ok.


  11. Good comment. I find myself agreeing with you, but this event is bad also for the premium players, from my point of view, caused by the bad design. For example the popcorn stand, and, if it continues so, the soda stand(10 euro each), are almost useless, because they drop little to nothing, in too long time, and the week after are almost useless for the need to combine the items. The werewolf stand is completely useless, to the point of being harmful, because it turns even faster useful characters into werewolves(and as a freemium player my town is already full). And in the meantime this decorations also spawns exp that make you level up faster, and needing more items to buy reels.
    Also the characters that drop useful items are too little and all the same(Quagmire, Mort, Bonnie, Joe) so i find myself(and also others) searching to gain items(scythes, I have only 2) to go on with the event(the mission with death needed to complete week 2), and we cant, because all of them are werewolves or being followed, and in the mean time we can’t farm water baloons. I understand they need money, but this event is too full and the prices are too high(60 euro for having a death that also spawns baloon), that at this point, I think is ridicolous. This is not a rant, is only another point of view on the criticism, that I think should be adressed. Thank for your time and for the site.

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    • I can’t comment on the premium items that drop popcorn or soda as I didn’t drop clams for them but maybe message TinyCo that you expect higher drops from these items. As they should be a big help not a little. With regards werewolf stand, I think the issues should see anyone who purchased this get a clam refund, but this is my words not TinyCos, but ask them the question please.

      The use of early and the same characters for drops is to allow those new to the game to take part in the event but I agree premium characters should do more, and I know Bunny has been pushing for all premium characters to help in events. Make them worth our hard earned clams. Even a 24 task to drop 1 reel would been appreciated by me.


  12. It’s been a long time since I saw a movie at the drive-in. I think the last one was Grease. I hate horror moves, so this event is only meh for me. You absolutely cannot do it freemium…I am so far behind in my freemium game that it’s sad. There is no way to get enough garlic/bullets, especially when the characters used to earn those have been turned into werewolves. Oh, and soda is what you use in mixed drinks (or use in baking). The proper term is pop! (Even here in the US, we can’t agree on what to call carbonated beverages.)


  13. Luh-luh-luh-looooove this event. Love this post. But gee wiz id give my left toe to have a few more cannonballs.


  14. PS, the cast of the Walking Dead would be awesome but wrong network unfortunately so guess that I am out of luck on that one!


  15. Great post and great to see a bit of rational thought. Heck, they are just pixels. Yeah, it’s cool to have them all, but why lose sleep over missing out on a character, deco or skin that you will forget about in a few weeks time. Enjoy the challenge, take pleasure in accomplishing some of those tricky goals, and forget about that cat you didn’t get but you can live without.

    Thanks Russian Tigger for the great post and thanks Addicts for keeping sane!


    • My point exactly James, if the worst thing that happens in your life is missing out on a game character then think of yourself as truly blessed.

      As for that cat, had him for days and he’s still not levelled up enough to help, so anyone that missed out on him can put their claws away as they didn’t miss a thing.


  16. Very well thought out. I, like you, had that same breaking point with the mobster event. That realization that I was getting worked up over a free game. Don’t get me wrong, still a little miffed about the downtime that hurt a lot of us, but I suspect TinyCo will be offering those missed items as premiums further down the line. So hunker down, watch some ads, visit your friends, and save those clams!

    As is, I’m likely gonna have to shell out some of my clams to score Patty. Didn’t have timed characters on the last few events, so I wasn’t prepared to race the clock for Meg’s friends. I’ll be checking back here like mad when the next one opens up.

    I never fault the premium players. They’re the ones who keep the game free for the rest of us. And while I’m struggling a little with this event, I remember last year’s Halloween. Ya know how many decorations from that event I have in storage? Like, 50 of each. I was way ahead of everything on that event. These events have gotten harder, squeezing clams out of those completionists among us. TinyCo isn’t demanding our money, just increasing the odds that we’ll spend. Can’t make all the good stuff free. So if you miss something in this event, just wait for it to be released later.

    And if you find yourself in a situation like I’m in, staring down the barrel of potentially coughing up 225 clams to get a character now, check back here regularly to prevent from being caught off guard again!


    • Sorry you initiated the Patty timer, and hope you can get her for less clams than you think. But thanks for your support for this post, my first. I think us Mobster event afflicted should create our own support group and share stories of how it saved us from wanting it all. We could even get a token for every event we make it through 🙂


  17. I completely agree with your attitude. I also once suffered from the “Gottahaveits”. Then the Mobster event hit and I was given a 2 week vacation from Quahog, missing the end and the entire Magic Mike event. Luckily my niece was able to get Mike in my game for me at least. Once I was able to return to my Quahog I have found that the stress level is greatly reduced. Now I am happy collecting the stuff I personally like and no longer have to have it all. I am now a Freemium/Premium player depending on my interests. I happily added Michael Myers since I have been wanting him since last year. Now that the stress is gone I find that I enjoy the game much more. Happy Halloween. 🙂


    • Glad you’re also enjoying playing stress free, as we all know what stress did to Michael Myers. Want join our mobster event support group? There’s tokens 🙂


  18. Hope all is well Bunny.


  19. Hey did you know that…..

    the bird bird bird…bird is the word! (yep that episode is on now)

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  20. Hope everything’s alright Bunny. You just take care of you and yours and we’ll be ok on our for awhile.

    Very nice article Russian Tigger. I couldn’t agree more with your comparison between the two games. Both can be fun and both can be aggravating but we should remember that they are just games.

    I will say I’m not a big fan of the horror genre so while I got some of your references there are many I didn’t. The last time a movie really did scare me was The Silence of the Lambs. I would have been about 12 or 13 years old and I remember watching it alone in our basement at night while eating fudge. I don’t know why the fudge made it more scary, but it did!


  21. I wrote this a other topic….But it fits more in here….. Plus its still waiting Administration.

    I know this may Sound strange But eventhough the event is pretty hard…..Im actually doing pretty good. Of course you cant get everything (especially all at once)…. But i for one am a freemium Player. I only Put in 10$ for myers (my favorite Killer) and im at Phase 2 pumpkin Pyramid. Got slasher cat…. Unluckily i opened patty….. But i actually think it was better….because i got the Stickers while the werewolves were Not spawning That crazy….and I still got 3 1/2 days.
    Dont know if ill get lois in time…But 75 clams for pattys character (if you really want it), is Not That Bad.

    Hmm maybe i Would actually cough up another 10 bucks for pinhead. I love classic Horror killers!
    So far i only paid like 25$ for FGQFS….which compared to other games isnt really much

    Sorry for the long Text But i just wanted to say something positive and wish everybody luck.
    Fingers crossed for next week!


    • Good luck you too, and you know your going drop those bucks on Pinhead, if you don’t, we’ll all sorts of hell await you as you regret not having him in your game


  22. wildthornberry88

    Thanks for this calm and collected view on the event, I was getting worried no-one else was enjoying it as much as me lol. I’m in a similar boat to you I think in that getting locked out of the mobsters broke my completionist side! I’m still a bit sad about not getting bonnies costume! As for the horror movies, I hadn’t watched many of the relevant ones before and don’t recognize all your references! So personally, my main wish for the event is to get Patrick. I did buy Mike Myers and the silver making building, so I’m slowly regaining control of my Quahog lol!


    • With you here, I’m hoping get Bonnies costume in future and would also hope she would be collectable not premium due to way many of us lost out. But hey ho, it will be what it will be. But it is good to see many others just let the Mobsters event change their attitude rather than dumping the game. As as much as TinyCo get it wrong at times I love this game, there’s not many apps I’m still playing 18 months later.

      Anyway I will let you get back to clearing out your Quahog, I just hope all that evil isn’t building up somewhere ready to bite us in the butt. Evil boss on the horizon anyone?


  23. Great job Russian Tiger!! Hope to see more from you!!


  24. As much as I agree with you on many topics you breached, the ***** hybrid model becomes more infuriating and frustrating to us paying players. There are prime examples in my WTD post all of which address elephants in the room.

    As I see it, the game is well overpriced for what it is IMHO. Allow me to share and explain: This past weekend I went to the EPCOT food and wine festival at Disney which I religiously attend every year (helps that it’s only a 20 minute drive from my house). Every year I pay money to get in and then wait in line for 15 to 30 minutes at each booth to pay more money for a small sampling of food. At $97 a ticket (resident discount) and $300+ in food and wine/beer, you can imagine the sticker shock has scared off many. Believe me, “eating and drinking around the world” has been costly (last year was about $500); however, what i’m paying for is the experience. Now many complained to Disney that the pricing was too high last year. In response, they lowered the cost and have made more in volume sales this year so far than the entirety of last year (last year – average cost per dish/drink was about $5.25, this year – $4.50). The also give the end user much greater control over their experience by offering up “passports” to keep track of menu items and countries. In other words, let the guest decide how they want their experience to be.

    How this is pertinent is this: I have no problem spending money for an enjoyable experience, especially when I know what I want out of it in advance. Our dear little game has waned my interest as of late as it almost seems everything is forced these days. Choosing a strategy used to be fun and now seems chorelike in my eyes. Not sure how it happened but as all good players, I took a break and skipped an event entirely. Problem with this event is, it’s entirely on rails. More pressure to spend than in previous events and the price seems to be climbing upward again.

    About $10 for a character that’s got little value after the event? The reason I do EPCOT every year is to sample dishes and drinks is that many come into my home as recipes and pairings to meals for my guests. There is a price to be paid for that real experience and I’m willing to pay it for the future.

    Entertainment is the same way, people want memories to link to good entertainment. Maybe a liked joke, or beloved character. What happens to the toys that get tossed in the toybox, never to be heard from again? They’re forgotten. The realist in me knows there’s little value outside of the game for my rather deranged collection of items/characters. Though I have fond memories of many, I couldn’t event begin to tell you what the storylines were for Buzz Killington or Braindead Horse, yet I paid for them. As much as I would love to see what would happen if some characters met and interacted with other characters, the treadmill is stuck on “new” and the rest are toybox fodder. Sad really. But in the end, samplings are what we’re being served and these pixels seem less filling to me. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


    • Evil Ned, appropriate name for the current event my friend. I think I can answer this easily and honestly, which I hope you will appreciate. If I got to the stage I was spending more time looking for faults in the game than enjoying playing it, I would just hit uninstall and spend my money elsewhere.


  25. Quitting For Now

    I’ve been playing freemium ever since the very beginning and was able to complete all events to my satisfaction up until Star Trek. I’ve stuck through the Star Trek frustration and the Mobster fiasco and even played through Peter Palooza just to stick with it. However, the movie reel debacle has to the the straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m sad to say but I’m quitting this game for a while and going to focus on Tapped Out. At least they have realistic game play for freemium players. Tiny Co really needs to test out how achievable the game is before releasing it. However, that said, I’ll still be checking out the addicts site. I really appreciate all the work that the authors put in here and it’s what makes this site a great gathering place for the QFS community.


    • Sorry to see you go, but you need do what makes you happy. As a Tapped Out player too I’m actually finding the event there too easy so this game fills the void the madness in me demands.


  26. Hope all is well, Bunny. Good luck.


  27. Great post Russian Tigger woohoohoohoooooo!!!! You really nailed it with the Freemium vs premium for me as I am a freemie and mostly people just whining cause they spent on something. I wanted to add that as a Freemium I’ve gotten up to Scream Level 7 1128/1550 and now with the new exchange rate being 25 sodas= 10 reels, that I gladly had the 80 sodas I had accumulated cashed in for the spooky tree and have 26 reels left over for the 50 I need for the library. It’s starting to look up again for the Freemies, I was getting a little discouraged there for a second. To the tune of Britney Spears…… You want that special item, better grind “b” and with no further ado, I’m back to the grind!!


    • Thanks for your kind words, the cheques in the post. I’d tell you to keep grinding but sounds so wrong. So just keep doing what you’re doing, but word warning, I know most ignore warnings in the horror genre but delay Scream Level 8 until you trade in as much as possible as I’ve seen a nasty jump since I hit it today.

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  28. Party needs more time, I accidentally build the car and now have 3 days left to get slasherbait Lois. I just got the second prize from page 2 yesterday.


  29. Thank you for your wonderful musings, Russian Tigger! Personally, I will happy scream for hours if Carrie and Mrs. White show up (voiced by Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie, of course)–my all time favorite horror movie! De Palma’s integration of music and action was amazing!


  30. Hope everything is ok.


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