Family Guy Episode Recap: Papa Has A Rollin’ Son

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As we tap away in our own lil Quahog that we created either since last year to even recently, we like to reflect on just WHERE all this content is coming from. The Amazing Family Guy Episodes that are released weekly for our viewing pleasure.

There are so many things going on each Episode that we may not have caught them, overlooked them, or may have giggled right along with everyone else. So for a look at what we just saw on TV … or for our Out Of USA Neighbors, a look at things to come for you.

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Season 14, Episode 2: Pappa Has a Rollin’ Son

Hey there everyone! Addict Andrew stopping through for another edition of FamilyGuy Recap. Take a break from crafting balloons… to craft launchers… to shoot nuns… to earn popcorn… to trade in for movie reels… wait what was I talking about? Right! Take a break from that fantastic game we know and love to enjoy a new recap of second episode of the 14th season of Family Guy!

Papa Has a Rollin’ Son

As the guys hang out in the Drunken Clam having beers, Cleveland asks the gang if they are excited about Father’s Day on the upcoming Sunday. Quagmire does not seem too eager. He tells the guys how he used to spend Father’s Day at the horse tracks, but since his father’s operation, all they do is shop for clothes. Peter then realizes that he’s met Cleveland and Quagmire’s dads, but not Joe’s. Joe claims he has a father, but he has not spoken to him in years. He says they just drifted apart and then avoids the subject as he goes off to buy the gang another round of beers. Peter, Cleveland, and Quagmire then discuss tracking down Joe’s father so they can spend time together on Father’s Day.


Meanwhile Lois is taking Stewie to the always trusty Dr. Hartman who claims Stewie will grow up to be only 5 ‘1. This worries Stewie that he will become an outcast due to his height.


Brian takes Stewie clothes shopping at the mall to try to cheer him up. While shopping, Stewie runs into someone interesting in sunglasses and a hat that is his exact height. He soon reveals himself to be Tom Cruise as Stewie notes he isn’t quite as large as he appears in films. They get along well together and Stewie reveals why he is upset. Tom Cruise replies by saying he chooses not to be short. He offers Stewie to spend a day with him to see what it’s like to be short. Stewie somewhat reluctantly agrees.


The guys have tracked down Joe’s dad and want to surprise him on father’s day. Peter immediately spills the beans however and they reveal they tracked down Joe’s dad. Joe is very distressed by this and explains his entire childhood his father would make fun of handicapped people. Thus, he never revealed to his father that he was handicapped. Peter tries to find a way around this by strapping Joe to a horse. This does not go very well, for obvious reasons.


Stewie enjoys the day with Tom Cruise, going swimming, dog riding, mailbox smashing, and going to a shirtless gay nightclub.


Peter’s next idea is to try to pretend he is Joe. Peter puts on a massive corset and dresses himself like Joe to try to fool Joe’s father into believing he is not actually handicapped. Joe reluctantly goes along with this strange plan.


His father arrives the next day. He comments to Peter on how he has gained weight and seems to look quite different. Meanwhile Joe waits in the Griffin household, for some reason dressed as Peter. Joe’s father oversees the Griffin family loading Joe into the car and starts making fun of his disability.

Stewie is at home with Brian and sparks up a forced conversation about how he has befriended Tom Cruise. He tells Brian how he is now excited to be short as Brian continues to make fun of him. Dr. Hartman then calls Lois and informs her that he misread Stewie’s chart the other day. He claims he has something called “disluxia.” Lois happily informs Brian as Stewie delights in hearing he will not grow up to be short. Lois then mentions they should probably try to make it over to Meg’s birthday party.


Peter then arrives home and tells Joe that he and his father are having a great time together. Peter goes onto inform Joe he told his father that he could move into Joe’s house with him and Bonnie. Joe and Lois seem extremely frustrated at this as Peter calmly tells them both it will not be a problem.

Meanwhile, Stewie is at preschool enjoying one of his favorite activities: parachute time. However, during parachute time, Tom Cruise eerily appears and laughs crazily. Stewie runs home where Tom Cruise stalks him outside his house on a kid’s tricycle.


When Peter returns to Joe’s house he asks his father to play catch with him. At the same time Joe is outside struggling with the trash. Upon seeing him struggle Joe’s father tells Peter “a guy like that should stay inside so that we don’t have to look at him.” Peter goes over to Joe to tell him to go back inside. Joe gets extremely upset at this and punches Peter in the face. They begin fighting when Joe takes over and pushes Peter to the ground beating the crap out of him. This is when Joe finally takes off his fake glasses to shockingly reveal that he is actually his son, Joe. Joe and his father finally have a touching moment as Joe reveals he was handicapped in the line of duty. “Heh heh, line of duty.”


Stewie and Brian devise a plot to catch Tom Cruise to rid them of his stalking. Stewie lets Brian off his leash and calls for help when Tom Cruise shows up and unknowingly runs into a shoe box where Brian catches him. They then send him away to Zappos where the employee immediately recognizes Tom Cruise as having been there just two weeks prior.


The episode ends with the guys at the Drunken clam yet again. Joe discusses how thankful he is that he finally got to reconnect with his father while Peter asks Cleveland where he got his fantastic Toronto Raptors hat. Cleveland replies it was his Father’s Day gift and he is required to wear it for the obligatory week.

~Andrew H


There you have it. Addicts Helpers to the rescue!!

What did you think of the Episode? Any favorite moments? Thoughts? Let us know.

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  1. wow i haven’t seen this one yet sadd to say lol


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