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Dawg Coin Counter Now LIVE! & A Lil Christmas Teaser!

Hey there Kibbles n Bits!

Bouncing by really quick just to let you know about a New Item for the Event. Looks like TinyCo listened and we now have a nice counter for our Dawg Coins earning in the game.

Dawg Coin Counter

For those of you asking, yes… there are still ONLY 3 options to earn Dawg Coins as of right now. Two Freemium Buildings (Chew Toy Emporium & McKibbletown) and one Premium (Bark Bank). I assume more will come along with the Week 2 additions. Remember this is a Mini Event, they are meant to be more slow and relaxed. A much needed break from high impact full blown Events.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the calm pace before we are hit with the next BIG EVENT. Which, speaking of, most of you have seen by now the information in the App Market when it was updated just before Dog Multiverse hit. Lots of lil teasers in there for the Upcoming Christmas Event.

Christmas 2015 Teaser

What are your thoughts on what is coming up? Have any thoughts on Characters or Buildings you would like to see? Where are you on your Dawg Coin Counts? Enjoying the slower pace? Let us know.


Dog Multiverse Premium Walkthrough: I’m Only Human

Hey there Pooper Scoopers!!

This town has gone to the Dogs! Collars strung all over the place, leashes, bones, chew toys. Sounds like a night out at Quagmire’s. LOL.

With this new Mini Event comes New Questlines. Premium Questlines that come with Premium Purchases for the Dog Multiverse Event, like Human Brian.

Human Brian

Let’s take a look at I’m Only Human, and all you will encounter along the way.  Continue reading